Using a phone is a sensory experience. It serves as a repository for music, movies, books, as well as other media. They bring colour, inspiration, and timeless stories into our lives. The ability to make things vivid and engaging is what separates a good phone from a great one, such as the OPPO A96. This, however, begins on the phone’s very surface.

First, you feel and see the OPPO Glow Design casing, which is smooth and shimmering. After months of experimentation and optimization, the newly launched OPPO A96’s 3D Thin Center Frame was perfected. But now, we’ll look more closely at how the OPPO A96 entices the senses into long-term ownership through sound and vision.

The OPPO A96’s Dual Speakers with Dirac HD audio technology allow you to enjoy any music in excellent quality. They show more spatial details in complex arrangements including an orchestra’s worth of instruments, guitars, drums, and vocal lines vying for your attention.

OPPO’s display technology replicates movies and TV shows with rich and accurate colour, bringing deep and vibrant tones to the OPPO A96 just as the film editor intended.

Relax at home with a movie, delivered in rich colour and stereo sound by the OPPO A96

Life in stereo

Designing speaker systems for mobile phones is always a challenge, as the space allocated to critical components must be accurate to the millimetre. OPPO’s engineers, on the other hand, were able to integrate a full stereo sound system into the OPPO A96. For the most engaging and immersive audio, this is critical.

With sound processing optimised for this specific speaker array, the OPPO A96’s Dirac HD audio technology optimises the effect. The sound of movies is more powerful, and the music is more vivid.

A visual feast

Sound and vision are intrinsically tied, and the OPPO A96’s screen boasts even more technological advancements.

6.59-inch 90Hz Colour-Rich Punch-Hole Display with 96% NTSC wide colour gamut, high 1080 x 2412 FHD resolution, and Adaptive Refresh Rate Technology are among the features.

The 90Hz Colour-Rich Punch-Hole Display on the OPPO A96 glides through app displays and menus with smoothness. A beautiful synergy between your inputs and the phone’s own reactions is guaranteed by the ultra-responsive 180Hz touch sampling rate.

A 96 % NTSC broad colour gamut delivers cinema-quality colour, capable of recreating the deepest tones found in movies and television shows. You are also in control. Choose Vivid mode for the greatest vibrancy, Gentle for a more relaxed character.

The OPPO A96 is smart enough to use its advanced features only when they will be a benefit too. The Adaptive Refresh Rate Technology developed by OPPO adapts the behaviour of the screen to the apps you use, ensuring perfect smoothness and extending battery life.

A dynamically shifting screen

A phone like the OPPO A96 adapts to you invisibly. This is most evident in OPPO’s All-day AI Eye Comfort display, which provides greater flexibility for the screen to entice the eyes in any situation.

The 4096 brightness gradations on the OPPO A96 display allow it to scale up and down to fit ambient light levels with such fine smoothness that the process itself is almost imperceptible. When used in a dark cinema or a dimly lit bedroom, the phone’s brightness can be set to as low as a single nit, for when you want the screen to whisper rather than yell.

Its Moonlight Display caresses your eyes rather than shocking them, and it stops the display’s brightness from flooding out and lighting up the room, potentially distracting others.

When you want to get out in the sun and enjoy nature, the OPPO A96 is also ready for action. When you walk out into the bright sunlight, its Sunlight Display starts.

Maximum brightness is increased dramatically to 600 nits, and the image engine optimises all and every display pixel to enhance perceived contrast, colour, and clarity. This offers a clearer preview of the beautiful petals of a flower as you photograph them with the OPPO A96 camera in bright sunlight, and allows you to read a message from a loved one without squinting.

The OPPO A96 is built to handle bright and gloomy environments, as well as to reproduce the most nuanced and beautiful colours, while its Dirac HD audio technology-enhanced Dual Speakers provide such a soundtrack to match.

From now to 15th May 2022, customers will be entitled to receive First Sale rewards starting from RM498 and up to RM742 upon their purchase of OPPO A96 via different channels.

The OPPO A96 is offered at the recommended retail price of RM1,299. For more information about OPPO A96, please visit

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