• Simplified scam alert resources can help the public protect themselves

Knowing that anyone can become a victim of scams at anytime, Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (DIGI) urges that Malaysians should remain vigilant and learn how to identify scams and frauds to protect themselves. Digi is encouraging everybody to go through the resources available on the scam alert webpage and share them with their beloved ones.

The simplified resources highlight the five most common scams which include: Wangiri, Scam Calls or Vishing, SMS Scam, Social Media Scam, and Malware – as well as how scammers operate and how victims may protect themselves. The page also serves as a reporting platform for people to report scams or other malicious cyber-activities they come across to the appropriate authorities.

Philip Ling, Digi’s Head of Sustainability, urged Malaysians to stay alert and not let their guard down in an effort to empower societies and equip them with the right information and tools to prevent potential risks.

“There is no specific time to be more vigilant for scams and frauds – it is now and every day. News reports in the past three years of Malaysians losing more than a billion of their hard-earned savings to online scams show the need for heightened scam awareness and education. Scammers are continuously targeting the public in moments when they may least expect it, more so now when Malaysians are starting to receive their Employee Provident Fund (EPF) savings. We hope to continue educating people to identify risks online or offline, safeguard their personal information while guiding them to be discerning when they come across fishy requests or deals that are too good to be true,” said Philip.

Through this campaign, Digi will continue public engagement about online safety on its social media platforms and via SMS alerts to help remind Malaysians to always be vigilant.  

A one-stop resource platform easily accessible by all

From Digi’s Yellow Heart Safe Internet portal, the public may easily download and share the simplified scam awareness infographics, as well as a variety of other cybersafety tips and resources. This is a one-stop source for educational materials aimed at giving Malaysians the tools and knowledge they need to use the internet safely. These include parent and child guidebooks, video series, national curriculum modules, and more.

The public can learn more about the growing rate of cyber and digital frauds on Digi’s Help Centre page, under the Common Questions area, and even report a scam to the appropriate authorities if they stumble across one.

For more information on Digi’s Yellow Heart efforts, visit www.digi.com.my/yellow-heart.

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