Why not make your Hari Raya meaningful by expressing yourself and staying connected by capturing precious memories of your Raya celebration with the latest Galaxy S22 Series? Whether you’re capturing the usual chaos on Raya morning or every detail of the fireworks at night, the device has the ability to make any moment epic.

To start with, the device provides a dynamic and versatile camera experience, allowing you to take photos and videos that are far beyond the usual. With larger sensors and Adaptive Pixel technology, the Galaxy S22 Series offers the revolutionary Nightography feature, as well as an anti-reflective nano-coated lens designed to capture colours and brighten the photo by allowing more light into the frame, making your shots instantly post-worthy – in any lighting conditions.

You can also film moments from the festival with ease, thanks to the Auto Framing feature, which recognises and tracks up to 10 people and adjusts the camera’s focus automatically, ensuring that everyone’s lively expressions are preserved perfectly. You also don’t have to worry about fuzzy shots thanks to its improved OIS correction angle and VDIS technology that will stabilize your shots. Plus, the S22 Ultra’s unique Super Clear Glass lens captures nighttime footage that is smoother and clearer with no flares.

Single Take is also available on the Galaxy S22 Series, which is handy for special occasions like Hari Raya, when you want to capture moments you’ll want to remember forever without the hassle of choosing angles for multiple photos and videos – with a single press of a button, you can take multiple shots at a moment’s notice, and its AI camera will detect whatever is in the frame and take care of the rest. You can run, jump, take candid shots, and be creative with your photos, and the Single Take feature will magically select the best ones, making your photos and videos spectacular.

If the Galaxy S22 Series has piqued your interest, we have some amazing news for you! With our Impian Raya Bersama Campaign, happening now until 15 May 2022. You may win a list of prizes worth up to RM1,200,000 to give to your loved ones when you buy the latest Galaxy S22 Series and other eligible products. So, don’t wait and stand a chance to possibly own one of Samsung’s Galaxy ecosystem of innovative devices!

To view the eligible products and for more information on the Impian Raya Bersama campaign, please visit http://www.samsung.com/my/offer/2022-impian-raya-bersama/mobile/.

For more information on the latest Galaxy S22 Series devices, please see the respective links below:

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