• More smart office products are coming on HUAWEI Smart Office Launch to make multitasking easier

Malaysians spend the majority of their time at work, so what better way to have an effective and productive working environment than with a bundle of smart devices that take your working experience to a whole new level? The HUAWEI Smart Office has now entered the picture.

HUAWEI Malaysia will launch a line-up of upgraded Smart Office products to boost productivity for the growing pool of hybrid workers as part of its relentless commitment to bring interconnectivity to users. As part of its continuous commitment to providing its consumers with the best Smart Office experience, the new product line-up includes a laptop, tablet, printer, Wi-Fi router, and a globally acclaimed speaker.

The new Smart Office line-up aims to provide seamless multi-tasking, co-creation, and agile productivity to its users by embracing the concept of simplicity with clear objectives, functionalities, and user experience. Supported by the Super Device concept, the new products will be making the collaboration between devices more fluid and immediate.

Smart Companions in the Office

The new Smart Office series is built to keep up with the changing needs of high-performing teams and to automate time-consuming tasks. After connecting a laptop to a smart screen to form a Super Device, HUAWEI laptop users like you can enjoy an efficient video conference. For multitasking and increased productivity, you can use a HUAWEI smartphone to open up to three windows on the laptop screen. All changes to smartphone files made on laptops are automatically stored and ready to share.

The new product line-up is an experience not to be missed, providing outstanding performance across all scenarios, from virtual lectures and productivity on-the-go to multimedia experience.

If you want to make your workplace smarter, stay tuned on HUAWEI Official Website and HUAWEI Official Facebook for the launch of the amazing Smart Office products.

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