Have you heard? Galaxy users can stay connected in every aspect of their lives with the all-new Galaxy 22 Series – you can sync your Galaxy S22 with any combination of Galaxy Buds2, Watch4, and Tab S8 Series to conquer your day. Let’s take a look at how Samsung’s Galaxy ecosystem was made possible with this.

Many of us have a single set of earbuds that we use with multiple devices, and disconnecting and reconnecting the Bluetooth connection when switching between devices can be a nuisance. Wouldn’t it be great if your earbuds were switched on by themselves because you needed them to? Well, the Galaxy S22 Series’ Buds Auto Switch feature was made for that kind of flexibility!

This capability lets on-the-fly change between Galaxy smartphones and tablets, but only when One UI 3.1 is installed. It saves you time by eliminating the need to manually switch to another device and the need to enter pairing mode on the Buds2 if your phone rings unexpectedly. For instance, when you’re listening to music on your Galaxy Tab S8 Series when a call comes in, the Buds2 simplifies your work by automatically switching its connection to your smartphone without you having to touch the screen and then reconnecting to the tablet once your call is disconnected, allowing you to resume your jamming session.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry if you often find yourself clumsily misplacing tiny items like the earbuds as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series will come to your rescue and assist you in swiftly and efficiently locating your Galaxy Buds2.

Aside from that, the Galaxy Watch4 – a sweet blend of a wearable fitness-tracking device and a standalone smart device that complements your smartphone, making it an ideal smartwatch if you’re always on the go and enjoy outdoor activities – allows you to stay in touch. You can make and answer calls right from the watch, and even switch the call to your smartphone. It also gives you access to your favorite apps and allows you to view and control the setting of the Galaxy Buds2.

From creative skills and productivity to power and performance, you can rely on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series to handle all the tech-heavy lifting while catering to the ever-changing needs of your day-to-day demands.

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