As easy as it may be to snap photos and videos of precious moments spent with your loved ones during the day, doing the same at night can be challenging. Equipped with advanced software and hardware features, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra ensures that your favorite memories are saved in great detail, even after the sunsets.

Introducing Nightography: a revolutionary combination of hardware and software in the Galaxy S22 Ultra to make night and low light photography a breeze.

Read on to find out how the Galaxy S22 Ultra helps you capture vibrant photos and videos on a big night out through the following :

1. Light up the dark with Nightography

To produce optimally bright and vibrant images, the Galaxy S22 Ultra utilizes Al-powered Nightography features such as Night Solution and Adaptive Pixel sensor technology.

Night Solution works in Portrait Mode, as well as with the tele lens with 3x optical zoom and the front camera for selfies, and turns on automatically when you start taking photos in low light. This means you can take as many photos as you like, with no limits on your unique point of view.

Adaptive Pixel sensor technology* brings out the details and colors of a scene. The results? Brighter, clearer photos that take you to the exact moment they were taken.

2. Low light? No Problem!

Who says amazing photos have to be taken in broad daylight?

The S22 Ultra has a 2.4um pixel sensor that captures more light, allowing you to take crisp portraits or group photos with the various interesting sources of light that shine on after the sunsets. Streetlights, car headlights, and even the flashlight on your smartphone could provide inspiration.

3. Capture and focus on the right details

Background lighting that casts massive blooms of light that outshine you and your bestie in photos and videos from your night out is no longer an issue with the S22 Ultra.

In addition, the phone has a 40mp front-facing camera for clear selfies, as well as a quadruple-lens camera with 100X Space Zoom* for zooming into the moon as it emerges from the clouds. The cameras also have a Super Clear glass lens with an anti-reflective nano-coating for smoother, clearer nighttime photos and videos with no light flares.

4. Share your night in clear view

The S22 Ultra not only takes amazing photos at all times, but it also utilizes Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and Video Digital Stabilization (VDIS) to capture smooth and sharp video footage, while Auto Frame Rate ensures that your videos have the best lighting exposure possible, even in low light. 
Easily switch between front and rear cameras during recording with Director’s Mode for a fun vlogging experience from different perspectives.

5. Add a personal touch to photos with the S Pen

A picture is worth a thousand words, but adding your own doodles or signature style of editing will help you express yourself even better.

You can easily transform everyday photography experiences and make them truly your own with the S Pen that comes with the S22 Ultra. The S Pen enables you to quickly access the phone’s native editing tools to hand-write, draw, or add captions in a variety of text colors and styles using the phone’s native editing tools. It also enables for more precise editing of photos and videos, ensuring that your content is ready to share on social media straight away.

Seize the night now with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Get yours from the respective links below:

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