As the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2022) draws to a close, OPPO takes a closer look at some of the key takeaways from the robust conversations held throughout the 5-day event.

The long-awaited event drew over 183 countries and over 1,800 exhibitors, including OPPO, which showcased its innovative 5G, CPE, and SuperVOOC capabilities. The following are the three biggest important takeaways from MWC 2022.

1. 5G marks its arrival but businesses need to start looking ahead towards 6G progression

Day 1 of MWC opened with a timely discussion on “What’s New & Worth Your Attention” which, as the name of the session suggests, touched on the innovations that one should rightly direct their attention towards and this includes network infrastructures, 5G devices, telco cloud innovations, and vertical industry transformation.

OPPO has always been a thought leader in the field of 5G and conceptualised 5G-enabled devices even before the technology was available in Malaysia. As the nation inched closer to 5G trials, OPPO will be able to provide consumers with a range of 5G-enabled devices.

In tandem, OPPO also unveiled its latest CPE device, the OPPO 5G CPE T2 which offers a powerful, all-around 5G connectivity and is designed to be the core hub of a multi-scenario, multi-device connected experience even in remote areas. OPPO’s 5G CPE T2 will deliver a 5G experience that surpassed expectations, just in time for local 5G adoption.

OPPO Research Institute has officially released its first 6G white paper in 2021, titled “6G AI-Cube Intelligent Networking,” in line with OPPO’s ambition to go one step further in the realm of innovation. The white paper is one of the first in-depth looks into how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can empower 6G network architecture and a detailed vision for the design of next-generation communication networks in the telecom industry.

2. Artificial intelligence will significantly improve ways of work and humankind’s digital lifestyle

It goes without saying that AI has long been heralded as a major benefit to society, and we’ve seen a glimpse of what it can do in this era, including the ability to reduce manpower and time spent on routine tasks. During the “How AI Is Shaping Our World” session, it was shown how AI is creating new dimensions and that there are a plethora of possibilities for it to accelerate the next industrial milestone while paving the way for unprecedented efficiencies across multiple sectors.

OPPO is no stranger to AI, having developed, among many other innovations, CybeReal, a tool that employs an in-house AI Engine to intelligently extract spatial information from smartphone images, eliminating the need for professional scanning equipment. The possibilities for CybeReal are endless and its underlying AI platform has the capabilities of processing 12,000 scanned images per hour. As divulged during the session, advancements in AI will aid in the future of work. As for OPPO, the brand is committed to exploring the untapped world of AR-related hardware, software, and services to continue making AI technology more accessible to all industries.

3. Businesses need to understand the importance of value creation

Brands must delve deep into the subject of value creation and understand their place in the industry in order to remain competitive, while continuously innovating and pivoting. During MWC’s keynote session on “Value Creation”, the robust conversation centered on how the real value for businesses in this era lies at the intersection of service innovation and network intelligence.

One way that OPPO continues to drive value creation is through the innovation of existing products and services, one of which is SuperVOOC which was borne out of a simple need to mitigate mobile phones’ large power consumption. To introduce a new way of flash charging, OPPO invented its VOOC flash charging, which is an innovative low-voltage and high-current solution.

Not stopping there, OPPO later innovated its own in-house creation by introducing the latest 150W SuperVOOC flash charge which can charge a 4,500 mAh battery to 50% in 5 minutes and deliver a seamless flash charging experience. In tandem, the 240W SuperVOOC flash charge is able to charge a 4,500mAh battery to 100% in about 9 minutes, truly pushing the boundaries of charging power, pushing the limits of high-power charging, and efficiency. OPPO is committed to providing users with advanced solutions for efficient and safe charging in addition to fast charging.

As a result, OPPO is able to drive value creation and remain competitive in the industry and among other industry players by solving real-world issues such as fast battery drainage and safe charging.

Starting conversations about topics that matter

This year’s MWC has certainly sparked conversations on key industry topics, with the ultimate goal of shaping the future of connectivity. In light of the current pandemic, a major emphasis was placed on reconnecting, reimaging as well as reinventing for the mutual benefit of the industry.

OPPO, one of the tech industry’s key players, exhibited a total of 5 booths including “Brand”, “Flagship”, “Smartphone Technology”, “5G” and “AR Ecosystem”. Alongside its physical booths at MWC 2022, OPPO also invited tech enthusiasts around the world to join its virtual playground experience.

OPPO unveiled the latest flagship products and showcased several industry-leading mobile phone technologies that will set new industry records during the 5-day event.

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