This year, HONOR will make its debut with a massive launch of four products to illustrate its status in the smartphone world. The expected HONOR X Series models, such as the HONOR X9, HONOR X8, and HONOR X7, will be launched alongside a new laptop model.

On a video posted on HONOR Malaysia’s Facebook page, the tagline “Lagi Tahan Lagi Best” was seen, stamping a further mark on a smartphone that is durable and long-lasting. What is it about the HONOR X Series that makes it a talking point on its “Lagi Tahan Lagi Best” roar?

What’s the BIG deal with “Lagi Tahan Lagi Best”?

The HONOR X Series in the video was reportedly put through various tests, such as soft pressure up to 2,000 times, a touchpad test of 800,000 times, and a 24-Hour Continuous Salt Spray Corrosion Test – all to ensure that each smartphone passed its production challenge before moving on to the next stage.

In terms of performance, the HONOR X9 was put to the test and passed tremendously with only a 3.8% aging rate after 3 years of usage. The 36-month period has stood the test of time, showing no signs of lag and providing users with a level of quality they have never experienced before. So, where does HONOR get such confidence?

User Feedbacks Breeds Confidence for Quality Assurance

We go back in time four years to the launch of the HONOR X8. HONOR has a proud record of 50,000 active users, all of which have provided valuable feedback on the device’s durability. Such numbers are the fruit of HONOR’s heavily invested R&D department’s commitment to the quality and longevity of the company’s devices, understanding that without quality, a difficult task lies ahead.

HONOR hopes their 600 different quality standards, which span every aspect of product design, development, materials, manufacturing, and other qualities, to be mirrored in the consumer experience. Since HONOR owns its own advanced and effective quality lab, it has full access to the Software Automation Test Center, Communication Testing Laboratory, Reliability Laboratory, Camera Laboratory, Audio Laboratory, and Antenna Laboratory, allowing it to dig deeper into the quality of its products.

Every test carried out on the components and finished products, including over 20 regulatory inspections and more than 190 reliability inspections, formed a frequency that is a step above its competitors and met the highest level of strict standards – producing a product with excellent quality performance and a respectable life cycle – and ultimately giving users the wow experience of what a smartphone could do.

HONOR to mark a Quality DNA into each product series

The HONOR umbrella has been reorganising its internal growth since its turn of independence as its own brand and has advanced into a strong show in the form of the HONOR Magic V. It was followed by the HONOR Magic4 after its recent debut at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, further establishing its flagship smartphones, despite its % price increase. HONOR is expected to rank in the top 3 premium smartphone brands, thanks to its recent rise.

Given HONOR’s adaptability and current strength in cutting-edge technology, the pursuit of quality is no more a foreign challenge. The best reward will always be the users, who will take the best experience that HONOR is aiming for, all embedded in the X Series to an almost flagship-level-like smartphone. Malaysia now awaits HONOR’s upcoming launch on 29 March. A new product launch titled “Ready to Go Beyond” is sure not to be missed out on! This is a wild and exciting ride that will exceed the expectation of Malaysians.

Fans can check out a video featuring the making of the X Series users. Surely something you don’t want to miss out here

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