As the old saying goes: “Wake up on the right side of the bed”, It makes absolutely no difference which side of the bed you roll out of, but getting enough restorative deep sleep will help you wake up in a good mood and with plenty of energy. When you wake up and feel rested, life’s little challenges will appear more manageable.

The question is, how and what can you do to improve your sleep? First, it is important to inspect the causes of the sleep disturbances you often encounter. With the new Galaxy Watch4 on your wrist all night, you can easily find the solutions to your problem!

The Galaxy Watch4’s Advanced Sleep function analyses your sleep quality holistically and offers you data such as sleep score, sleep stages, sleep time, blood oxygen levels, and snoring patterns. The latest version offers a new personalized Sleep Coaching program that will assign you one of eight adorable Sleep Symbol animals based on your sleep patterns that best represent your sleeping type.

The Galaxy Watch4 will guide you through four to five weeks of coaching, giving you missions, checklists, sleep-related articles, meditation instruction, and easy-to-read reports so you can work strategically on improving your sleep habits.

Here are some ways the smart Galaxy Watch4 can help you improve your sleep hygiene now that you’ve learned to track sleep patterns :

  • Your bedroom should be a quiet haven where you can curl up and unwind away from the outside world. It could be that your bedroom is too hot or cold, or that you’re agitated if you find yourself tossing and turning a lot and not getting much deep sleep. It’s simple to create an optimal sleep setting with the Galaxy Watch4 and SmartThings. You can program a pre-set time in SmartThings settings to turn off the bedroom TV or adjusts the lights and air conditioner as part of your bedtime routine. When you fall asleep, the Galaxy Watch4 will detect it and adjust the ideal sleeping environment for you based on the presets without you having to get out of sleep. By setting your bedroom in the most comfortable lighting, temperature, and noise level before sleep, getting restful nights would be more achievable.
  • Exercise is also extremely good for your sleep. Whether it’s walking, jogging, cycling, or strength training, Galaxy Watch4 has over 90 fitness routines to choose from. With Group Challenge in the Samsung Health app, you can even make exercising more enjoyable by challenging your social circles to move more together. Every bit of exercise you put in can help you sweat your way to a happy day and a good night’s sleep.

The power behind your next best day, Galaxy Watch4.

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