In this day and age, almost everyone has a powerful camera sitting in their own pocket: a smartphone. With it, people can shoot videos and take pictures at any time, being able to capture moments in life that mean most to them or even just have fun by filming a TikTok video. Well, such is the same for dancer Chiu Wee ‘Jam’ Jien (@jamjien), who happens to live a smartphone-centric life. That is why he has chosen the Galaxy S21 FE 5G to accompany him through all his passions.

From managing influencers to being a part time K-Pop dance instructor and TikToker, Jam Jien is someone who needs his smartphone with him at all times. With the Galaxy S21 FE 5G’s sleek and slim body that is only 7.9mm thick, it is the perfect size for Jam Jien to comfortably take his phone on-the-go. This allows him to not only easily take it out at any time to film a quick video, but he also doesn’t need to bring an extra bag to store his phone.

As a TikToker and a dancer, of course, the camera is one of the few things that compliments Jam Jien’s passions the most. According to Jam Jien, the camera on the Galaxy S21 FE 5G not only improves the video quality of his TikTok videos, bringing it to another level but it also helps with his dance moves. With an advanced 32MP front camera and AI Face Restoration, he can film the perfect TikTok video while looking his best from every angle. Not only that, while filming himself dancing, he oftentimes may need to zoom in to get a better look at his moves. Well, this is not a problem with the Galaxy S21 FE 5G’s Space Zoom feature, with 3X Optical Zoom, he can zoom in without compromising the quality of the video. This allows him to pinpoint where his mistakes are and improve even more as a dancer.

With the multiple passions and hobbies that Jam Jien has, it is always best if things can be done fast and easily. Hence, why Jam Jien offered his praises for the variety of features that come with the Galaxy S21 FE 5G camera. The Galaxy S21 FE 5G has multiple shooting options that will make a content creator’s job much easier. For example, as Jam Jien mentioned, the camera has functions that can help with editing all within a single device. The Galaxy S21 FE 5G allows him to find the perfect filter for his videos, use speed effect clips like slow-mo, or even take videos in wide/cropped shots, allowing him to create the perfect video with minimal effort.

Through this phone, Jam Jien is empowered with unbridled convenience, practicality, and accessibility to be a standout content creator among his peers. According to him, users everywhere too can get a camera, a banging speaker, and an editing suite all in just one sleek device: the Galaxy S21 FE 5G!

To get a taste of how this device is helping Jam Jien reach his best in content creation, watch the exclusive video he filmed here, or visit his TikTok here to see more videos powered by the Samsung S21 FE 5G.

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