OPPO has been quite strong over last few months with its popularity over the smartphone lineups, and as we know, they are refreshing the lineup of the Reno Series. This time around, we will look at the unboxing and first impression of the OPPO Reno7 5G. Lets go thru the unboxing of the phone that we have on hand now.


The OPPO Reno7 5G comes in a light blue box. Upon unboxing you will get the following as below

  • OPPO Reno7 5G Phone
  • USB A to C charging cable
  • 65w Fast Charger
  • Soft Case
  • SIM Ejector
  • User Manual & Quick Start Guide

Do take note that the OPPO Reno7 5G does not come with headphone or USB C to 3.5mm audio adaptor, but its pretty easy to get one at any of your favorite phone accessories shop. But to our surprise when we unbox the phone, it has a 3.5mm headphone jack, so just as we mentioned above, you can just get any headphones or if you love to use Bluetooth Earbuds, why not try one of OPPO range of Earbuds as well.

Color Choices

The OPPO Reno7 5G comes in two colors, Startrails Blue and Starry Black. While we are excited with the colors, we love the slim profile candybar form factor as well, which is featherweight light to our pockets and we love it. Besides that it has very good construct of aluminum frames around it.

The Design, Look and Feel

The OPPO Reno7 5G weighs really light, and its is fairly easy to hold and use with one hand, it also features an AMOLED display with high refresh rates. This means using it under the sunlight or room environment is excellent with good overall navigation experience with the device.

Looking at the back of the phone you will spot an island of lenses consisting of one wide lens, one ultrawide lens and one macro lens followed by the single camera flash. Over to the front side, which is the main display there is one wide angle camera. All of the camera in the phone is able to capture wide angle images, with Bokeh and Portrait mode as part of their new improvement over the sets of camera lenses giving it a better experience for its existing and new users alike. Specifically over the rear camera you have a choice of video recording up to 4K resolution.


Overall on my few days of impression with the OPPO Reno7 5G, it is a phone that is suitable for those who wanted a device that is seeking for it’s High resolution image capture with multiple modes to select from and a fairly high refresh rate display over its advantage of it’s gaming performance. At this point of writing we still don’t have the pricing yet. Stay tuned with the full review which we will be publishing it soon.

To learn more about the OPPO Reno7 5G and it’s features, be sure to visit HERE to find out more. 

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