The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G this year marked a special merge between two of Samsung’s hallmark collections – the productive expertise of the Note series and the epic camera capabilities of the S series, to create the most powerful Ultra smartphone experience ever, further enhanced by being the first Galaxy-S device to include a built-in S Pen.

To be a master of productivity, the S22 Ultra 5G’s build was meticulously designed with a dedicated S Pen slot to empower users with the option of accessing S Pen features whenever inspiration comes knocking on their door. With a tip diameter of 0.7mm and a weight of 3.04g, this S Pen is the most accurate yet, with a solid 2.8ms response time for a super-natural writing experience.

The S Pen on the new Galaxy S22 Ultra enables users to maximise the note-taking experience through several key features, namely S Pen to Text, which completely rids the need for users to take notes on an external device. Instead, users can utilise the S Pen to write down notes straight on their S22 Ultra and convert their handwriting to text.

Taking measures to a new level, the S Pen introduces an even more streamlined experience to working on the S22 Ultra through Web Clipper, which allows users to easily extract and port a portion of the content they’re reading directly to Samsung Notes, including links, photographs, and messages from Samsung apps on the device.

The S Pen on the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G also enables users to experience true productivity by being an all-in-one package that is centered on empowering users to achieve their full potential of working on a smartphone like never before, whether for casual doodling or for executing serious work to perfection. All this and more, only on the most powerful Ultra device in the Galaxy S Series.

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