Renowned Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung once said: “the privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” Living in a world where trends come and go in a blink of an eye, authenticity and confidence are one’s greatest assets.

Staying true to yourself could be a magical charm that makes you stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for something to express your authenticity, the vivo V23 5G is the ideal smartphone for you.

Easily recognised with its stunning color-changing exterior, the latest addition in the vivo V series family is a full-package of authentic and stylish gadget with power-packed features and extraordinary design. Here, let’s uncover how the vivo V23 5G amplifies your authenticity and confidence.

Ordinary is Boring

The vivo V23 5G Sunshine Gold boasts a trend-setting feature – it is the first smartphone with color-changing glass in Malaysia, thanks to the exclusive technology that took vivo 3-year time of development.

When exposed to sunlight and other sources of UV rays, the glass transforms into different colors for a brief amount of time. The subtle yet head-turning feature allows the users to create unique patterns on the back side of the phone. Yes, we are talking about patterns, rather than changing just the entire color block. With a little help of creatively cut paper, you can create endless patterns as you wish – polka dots, stripes, or even a logo of Harry Potter, you name it.

Channel your imagination and express individuality to the fullest through this first-of-its-kind feature.

Cinematic Selfies? No Problem

One way to express yourself is through selfie, of course. Harnessing the power of a combination of customised 50MP AF front camera sensor, 8MP super-wide-angle front camera and innovative AI algorithm, the vivo V23 5G made sure to take stunning selfies full of details and well-balanced colours while retaining one’s unique facial features.

Complemented by its exclusive Dual-Tone Spotlight housed in the front camera notches, the latest V series smartphone captures a selfie with abundant and balanced lighting between warm and cold tones. Your authentic beauty wouldn’t be compromised even in the group selfie taken with friends and family during a nighttime outdoor gathering, or a star-gazing session with your loved ones.

If that isn’t enough, its Natural Portrait Mode – which is mindfully developed for dazzling and natural image – is definitely the ace in the hole that guaranteed a killer genuine selfie.

The vivo V23 5G didn’t compromise when it comes to rear camera too. Its 64MP AF night camera, coupled with an 8MP super-wide-angle camera and a 2MP super macro camera, empower you to embrace a splendid world of intricate details.

Discover authenticity from diversity

Selfie tells a story about us – it encompasses every moment in our life and witness our growth as time goes by. We forgo the awkward selfie angles back then and incorporated more fun gesture into our selfie. We no longer want boring selfie and visual content.

With that in mind, the vivo V23 5G strives to elevate selfie moments with a range of diverse and fun features, such as 4K Selfie Video, Dual-View Video, Multi-Style Portrait, Party Portrait and more. As we said, ordinary is boring. These features allow users to explore a different form of taking selfie or even vlogging, and one might surprise themselves with a new side of them.

Extending its core value of ‘Joy of Humanity’, vivo endeavours to empower users to stay true to themselves while strengthen their self-confidence through the vivo V23 5G. If one of your resolutions in 2022 is to embrace your authenticity and be a better version of yourself, then this device could be the perfect match for you.

For more information about the vivo V23 5G, please visit the official site or vivo Malaysia Official Facebook and Instagram.

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