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HUAWEI P50 Pro – A Legend Reborn

HUAWEI P50 Pro is pushing the boundaries as a smartphone with the perfect blend of form and function, thanks to the flagship features of the HUAWEI P Series. The HUAWEI P50 Pro has a 120Hz refresh rate and a 300Hz touch sampling rate, resulting in smooth and responsive touch control. It has a dual speaker stereo sound system that offers the best sound effect for an immersive user experience.

HUAWEI P50 Pro is packed with an abundance of features to perform as a highly versatile cinematographic tool. It has a Dual-Matrix Camera System, which combines the Main Camera Matrix and the SuperZoom Matrix. This helps the HUAWEI P50 Pro produce superior picture clarity, a zoom range of up to 200 times, and ultra-macro photographs that can capture images as close as 2.5cm from the lens. Featured with the addition of a video editing tool – Petal Clip, videos taken from the HUAWEI P50 Pro could be easily produced as a mobile film. It is available in two beautiful, premium finishes – Cocoa Gold and Golden Black.

HUAWEI P50 Pocket – Compact Yet Powerful  

Empowering with the true essence of photography, HUAWEI P50 Pocket takes pride in the HUAWEI’s first Ultra Spectrum Camera Matrix. This enables the smartphone to explore fine details beyond the visible light spectrum, leading to images that are more accurate to how human eyes perceive colours. The P50 Pocket’s Ultra Spectrum Camera Matrix has a 40MP True-Chroma Camera, a 13MP Ultra Wide Angle Camera, and a 32MP Ultra Spectrum Camera, among other features. With the addition of the Ultra Spectrum Fluorescence Photography feature, the camera lens could also capture light waves and details that are invisible to the naked eye, unveiling the beauty of photography which was hidden in plain sight.

As a perfect symphony of art and technology, HUAWEI P50 Pocket is a total gem in the palm of your hand with 3D micro-sculpture design to emanate diamond-like brilliance. HUAWEI P50 Pocket delivers a comfortable holding experience while allowing the convenience of one-handed operation.

HUAWEI Mobile Service – Better Enjoyment for Mobile Apps

HUAWEI continuously offers easy access to mobile applications through its own app store, the AppGallery, and pre-installed Petal Search. Since its inception, HUAWEI Mobile Service (HMS) has been steadily improving the functionalities of its apps since its start. For instance, AppGallery prioritises data privacy, allowing users to access their favorite apps across many HUAWEI devices using just one HUAWEI ID.

As the Next-Generation Search Engine, HUAWEI offers Petal Search, packed with special features that allow users to control their world at their fingertips. Experience comprehensive browsing of your favorite mobile apps, news, and products with just a click. Simply register a HUAWEI ID, HUAWEI users could also enjoy membership benefits such as HUAWEI Points, in-app rewards, and exclusive content in AppGallery and HUAWEI Member Center.

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