Let’s be honest, how much effort does it take for us to take and edit the perfect selfie? Don’t forget the elimination process where we send the photos to our friends, asking them “Which one should I post?” We are all guilty of spending too much time than needed on one single Instagram post.

Our lives would be easier if we could capture that one perfect selfie on the first try with very minimal edits. This it is not impossible, fortunately. A perfect selfie does not mean an airbrushed-to-perfect selfie with lots of filters. Alexio Yeoh, vivo V series Official Fashion Photograher, shares some tips on how to eternalise a perfect selfie while enjoying every moment.

Tip #1 – Look for good lighting

Good lighting flatters people by highlighting their good features and complexion (for instance, solid jawline) while minimising any spots or blemishes. Make sure you’re in a spot with ample natural light or sunlight for the camera to capture as much details possible.

Here are some timings and/or places that have great natural lighting:

  • In the shade of objects on a sunny day, such as tree and building
  • In the open of an overcast day
  • During the golden hour

Even if you’re not at a spot with good lighting, fret not – the vivo V23e 5G is made to complement every selfie moment. Its Natural Portrait mode, supported by enhanced AI algorithm, allows users to capture true-to-life and dazzling selfies effortlessly.

Alexio shared, “The Natural Portrait mode, coupled with the optional beautification toggles in the V series smartphone, can enhance the overall lighting while retaining natural colour tone.”

Tip #2 – Poses does not have to be boring

There is a famous saying that goes: the camera adds ten pounds. Learn how to pose your face and position your camera is as important as a finding for good lighting.

Remember to be confident while you’re posing for a selfie. For ladies, one way to look confident is to ‘smile with your eyes’, then put on a slight pout and voila, you’re ready for a perfect selfie facial pose. To bring out the best angle, try moving your smartphone slightly far away from you face and slightly above your eye-line.

Yeoh also encourages selfie-enthusiasts to think outside of the box: “There are many ways to express your facial expression. Meanwhile, you may add in some gestures and motions (like flipping your hair) for a more interesting selfie. The Double Exposure feature in the V23e 5G series is definitely a fun element and can make quite an impact to a fun selfie.”

Be confident and free yourself from the creative boundaries with various amazing camera features in the vivo V23e 5G.

Tip #3 – Make sure the Night Mode is on

Bid farewell to all the external selfie lights you used previously for that one perfect selfie at night, because with the vivo V23e 5G, you can easily capture selfie with decent lighting, thanks to the built-in AI Extreme Night Mode.

“We used to rely on extra lights from other phones for night shots, but now with the AI Extreme Night mode from the V23e Series, I don’t have to bother using extra lights. Just hold the phone in low light for approximately 2 seconds, and you can capture photos with high exposure, and great lighting, even in the dark.”

Thanks to Alexio Yeoh, vivo V Series Official Fashion Photographer, the secret to taking effortlessly confident selfies is out, now it’s time for you to spread it like hot gossip.

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