Let’s take a look back at our top favourite Galaxy smartphone add on, the S Pen. From the very first Note series way back in 2011 to being the very first S Pen experience in the S series – the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. The idea of popping a “pen” out from your smartphone to scribble or doodle anytime, anywhere indeed has provided many users the Galaxy innovation with enriching experience.

For those who enjoy real pen-like experience on their device, the S Pen is the tool for you. With a variety of choice ranging from fountain pen to calligraphy brushes and even several types of highlighters and marker pens, this true-to-life S Pen is here to provide users with a satisfying, realistic feel. What’s even better is that, it even has an eye-dropper tool, which makes it easy for the user to select colours from within the Samsung Notes for even more customisation.

Indeed, the S Pen provides its users amazing benefits such as drawing, notetaking and video editing; Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G users can take advantage of for precise and elaborate video editing capabilities unachievable by human fingers alone. The S Pen is indeed an elegant instrument that has grown into an independent smart device of its own, providing users with even more means of self-expression.

If you are not already using the S Pen, then this is the time to switch over and get your hands on the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G! Even better with our Roaring Prosperity Deals that is happening from now until 27 February 2022, customers will enjoy a prosperous reward as shown below for Galaxy S21 Series 5G during this festive season, so don’t miss out!

Promotional ProductsFree Gift(s)QuantityRedemption
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
Galaxy S21+ 5G
Galaxy S21 5G
RM500 Rebate
RM68 E-Voucher Angpow
2500Instant Price Rebate
Redemption via Samsung
Redemption Management System

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