Versatility is an underrated characteristic in modern smartphones today. Some, more often than not, are open to sacrificing other features they deem unnecessary in favour of one, main, best-in-class big-ticket item.

Nevertheless, as an example, having an extremely good camera paired with a smartphone whose processor can’t handle large file sizes would deem the feature limited in usability. As of late, smartphones have been getting smarter, and in the age of flexible working hours and mobility, the demands in functions of a smartphone increases exponentially.

The all-new vivo Y76 5G, as an all-rounder, does this, and more – but without any indication in design of being a “gamer phone”.

A View to Kill

With a screen-to-body ratio of 90.6%, the Full High Definition (FHD) display allows full immersion with the 6.58” FHD+ In-cell screen. What is an in-cell screen? It’s when the LCD (to display images) and digitiser (which is touch-sensitive) is combined into a single unit – which saves space and allows sleeker hardware.

There is also an Eye Protection Mode and Blue Light Filtering function, for the occasional extended content consumption session – be it an online match or a livestream.

For Your Eyes (and Hands) Only

From the 2.8mm frame to the 3D back cover, the Y76 5G was designed with ergonomics in mind. With an ultra-slim (7.79mm) shape and a weight of just 175g, the Y76 5G is more than portable and comfortable enough for day-to-day use.

Coming in two colourways, Midnight Space is a luxurious black with depth added with a glittery texture, mimicking the view of the stars in space, whereas the Cosmic Aurora once again pays tribute to aurora borealis – the Northern lights – in a blue-and-orange blend on a frosted finish.

For When 8GB Is Not Enough

The massive display and comfortable grip are further complemented by the 8GB of RAM, as well as vivo’s Extended RAM 2.0 technology, in which it can allocate 4GB from its 128GB storage to offer a total 12GB of RAM when needed, especially when multi-tasking.

For a more arcade experience, alongside 4D Game Vibrations, the Y76 5G also boasts an Ultra Game Mode 2.0, which allows switching between several configurations (‘Power Saving’, ‘Balance’, and ‘Performance’) for more control over the gaming experience. If that’s not enough, the Y76 5G has a Multi-Turbo function where the AI optimises and balances between network and power usage and heat management on the Mediatek Dimensity 700 processor for maximum performance.

No Time to Charge

vivo Energy Guardian (VEG) technology extends your play time, but when finally needed, the 44W FlashCharge, which quickly replenishes the 4,100 mAh (TYP) battery, which allows all-day connectivity.

Live and Let Buy

Priced at RM1,299, the vivo Y76 5G will be available for purchase now on vivo official e-Storevivo Concept Storevivo Official Store on Shopee, or vivo Official Store on Lazada.

Driving the incredible gaming experience to another level, vivo Y76 5G collaborates with Mobile Legends to offer customers a random limited Mobile Legends skin worth RM55 upon purchasing the Y76 5G smartphone. 

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