Line-up of products for 2022 designed to help Malaysians live into the new normal

Sharp Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Sharp Malaysia) has unveiled a slew of new products for homes and office use in line with the company’s focus on leveraging innovative technologies to help Malaysians adapt to a post-pandemic lifestyle.

According to Sharp Malaysia, the pandemic has had a significant impact on the way that people lead their lives. Even with the country moving into the endemic phase, it has become an accepted fact that the way Malaysians conduct their daily lives and how businesses operate will never be the same again.

Ting Yang Chung,Managing Director of Sharp Malaysia said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many significant changes in the way how we live, learn and work. To help our customers adapt better to a post-pandemic lifestyle, we are pleased to introduce new products that can offer a better user experience and as well as practical solutions to improve the quality of life for everyone.”

“Sharp is committed to leveraging our research and development capabilities to incorporate innovative technologies in our products in line with our vision to Be Original. We will remain focused on our efforts to continue providing solutions that will help Malaysians remain at home comfortably and achieve a higher level of productivity at work,” Ting added.

Enhanced Home Living

Some of the new products that were unveiled to Sharp Malaysia’s business partners at the company’s Experiential Living Showcase event include the industry leading AQUOS The Scenes 4K TV.  The Android 11 compatible feature supports all gaming devices. AQUOS The Scenes 4K TV comes with Sharp’s latest Deep Chroma Display Pro technology, which offers consumers a true-to-life visual experience when enjoying high quality streaming video content.

To meet the rising demand for online streaming and provide a new content experience for consumers, Sharp recently released its flagship audio visual product, the AQUOS The Scenes 8K TV. The TV features 8K Ultra-high definition and HDR Enhanced+ processor, which allows consumers to experience realistic and deep images when they are watching TV. For those who are seeking for cinematic experience from the comfort of their home, the AQUOS The Scenes 8K TV is definitely a must-have product to kickstart the year 2022!

Apart from audio-visual products, Sharp Malaysia also unveiled two kitchen appliances — the Sharp Mega Freezer Pelican and Sharp Microwave. During the Movement Control Order (MCO), sufficient food supplies were important for consumers and many stock up supplies at home to minimise spending time outside at shopping malls or supermarkets. Built with a design to maximise storage, the Sharp Mega Freezer Pelican delivers plenty of storage capacity for consumers to store more food while preventing food contamination and keeping them fresh longer with Sharp’s proprietary Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) Technology. Sharp very own J-Tech Inverter enables energy saving operation. Meanwhile, the new Sharp Microwave is a stylish addition to any kitchen, featuring a ceramic flatbed and wide interior with no turntable for easy usage and cleaning.

Sharp Malaysia also introduced its award-winning Sharp Pro-Flex Front Load Washer Dryer that leverages its revolutionary PCI Technology to effectively eliminate bacteria, mould and allergens in all fabrics. Additionally, the machine’s unique Dry Airwash mode enables quick dry wash to kill germs/viruses and remove odour. The machine won the IF Design Award 2021, and it is the first PCI washer to be launched by Sharp in the Southeast Asia region.

One other essential item that all homes in Malaysia should have is the Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier that has been proven to improve the air quality around the house and provide consumers with a cleaner, healthier and purified environment. PCI Technology has demonstrated its effectiveness in reducing airborne novel coronavirus by 91.3%. In addition, in subsequent tests, PCI Technology has shown its effectiveness in reducing novel coronavirus (including variant) adhering to surfaces by 99.4%.

Apart from Air Purifier, the PCI Technology is also made available in Sharp Air Cond and the new Sharp portable Plasmacluster Ion Generator. The portable Plasmacluster Ion Generator is suitable to be placed in a car, meeting room, on an office desk or brought along when travelling. The new improved Plasmacluster Ion Generator offers high ion density of up to 90,000 ions, to ensure the air that is breathed in by the user is clean and safe.

Safe and Productive at Work

Adding on to its line-up of AQUOS TV, Sharp Malaysia also introduced its all-new AQUOS TOUCH TV-DR1X Series – the best all-in-one solution for work.The TV is an ingenious combination of a projector, laptop and whiteboard which offers efficient and collaborative capabilities for seamless hybrid or remote working. This new TV offers a 4K Ultra-HD touch screen with HDR, which allows consumers to experience an interactive and enjoyable environment through intuitive touch displays with fast response times.

Apart from enhancing the home with various products, Sharp Malaysia is also ensuring that Malaysians can return to work in a safe and productive environment. Sharp’s personal safety gear which comprises the Made in Japan Face Shield and Eye Shield are designed to help curb the spread of COVID-19. Both the Face Shield and Eye Shield are made of cutting-edge technology to minimise reflection and eliminate fog from building up on the surface. Furthermore, the surface of the shields has a unique resin material proven to inactivate the new coronavirus adhering to the surface. This is enabled by Sharp’s Moth-eye technology.

Since many Malaysians have had to embrace a remote work or hybrid work environment, Sharp has taken note of this change in lifestyle and introduced the company’s range of Dynabook laptops to meet the needs of mobile workers. The company is offering three sub brands namely the Portege, Tecra and Satellite Pro. These Dynabook laptops are ideal for a hybrid working lifestyle since lightweight laptops are in demand for better mobility and better performance both for work and study.

Cocoro Life – from e-service to e-commerce

Introduced a year ago, Cocoro Life is a complete ecosystem of service and e-commerce platform that delivers true AI-enabled experiences for customers and businesses. Annually, Sharp sells over one million goods to Malaysians and the company hopes to be able to connect with customers through the Cocoro Life loyalty service support platform.

Cocoro Life aims to deliver higher service productivity as it strives towards Service 4.0 transformation. The Cocoro Life platform is accessible via a mobile app downloadable from Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for iOS. The AI-enabled CRM app has also won the Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2021. Today, Cocoro Life e-service app is already supporting thousands of Sharp customers connecting to the app for service support. Sharp will continue to encourage more customers to sign up via the app for product warranty, to check their service repair status, and to be attended to via live chat with the customer service support team.

As Malaysians spend most of their time at home, upgraded home appliances and electrical devices are essential to improve their stay-at-home experience and hybrid working lifestyle. To enable consumers to work comfortably from home, Cocoro Life is introducing a brand-new lifestyle solution that helps to encourage new work from remote culture – aptly named as Future Lab. As the main distributor for Future Lab products in the ASEAN region, Cocoro Life Malaysia is launching a new 7D Ergonomic chair and lifestyle products that help to eliminate remote work hazards, such as improper posture and ergonomics that could cause illness to our body. Additionally, Cocoro Life introduces fitness and wellness brand collaboration with Johnson Fitness and Wellness and Wondercise. In collaboration with Sharp Cocoro Vision, Sharp & Wondercise will roll out a new workout app for Malaysians. The app is a world-first motion matching home fitness system that offers state-of-the-art BLE and motion-sensing technology, which can track a user’s motion from the wearable motion trackers.

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