OPPO marks its continuous commitment towards 5G development as one of the participating partners at a showcase in conjunction with the announcement of commercial availability of 5G services in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia recently.

As Malaysia welcomes the era of 5G to future-proof the nation’s connectivity experience, OPPO played a key role in working alongside Ericsson to elevate the 5G smartphone experience for end consumers.

During the event, OPPO showcased its latest range of 5G devices including the OPPO Reno6 Pro, Reno6, Reno6 Z, Find X3 Pro and A74 5G. True to its innovation DNA, OPPO will continue to introduce devices equipped with the latest 5G technology advances to enable users with the best 5G experience in tandem with the roadmap towards 5G introduction in Malaysia.

The OPPO phones were used to connect to the 5G network and support the use cases that were being featured by Ericsson for cloud gaming, virtual reality, as well as 5G speed tests.

“Here at OPPO, we believe in a future of intelligent connectivity, and 5G is the backbone of that vision. OPPO has been working closely with industry players to advance 5G technology so that user experiences are elevated. The strong collaborations with leading companies in the 5G landscape, will further accelerate our large-scale deployment of 5G,” said; Andy Shi, President of OPPO APAC at the event.

Collaboration towards realizing the potential of 5G

OPPO’s partnership with Ericsson demonstrates the strides the company is taking in its 5G research and development process to realize the potential of 5G in the nation.

OPPO together with Ericsson, who was appointed to design and deploy Malaysia 5G network, will be working closely to enhance the 5G ecosystem in Malaysia as well as worldwide by pushing the boundaries of mobile technology and experiences for consumers around the world.

Alongside this, since 2018, OPPO and Ericsson have harnessed their respective expertise to contribute towards the evolution of 5G technologies by running joint 5G tests on OPPO’s 5G devices using Ericsson’s 5G infrastructure, products and solutions with local operator partners in Sweden, Germany and China.

OPPO and Ericsson launched the OPPO Communication Lab this September in Shenzhen to ensure that all OPPO’s 5G devices will continue to be tested with the highest standard, enabling OPPO users to experience the latest 5G innovations that the industry has to offer. At the same time, this Communication Lab allows OPPO to play an important role in driving the evolution of global communication technologies forward.

The strategic partnership with Ericsson will allow OPPO smartphones to be among the first to implement many of the latest 5G technologies, making OPPO the ideal partner for leading global technology providers and operators as they expand their 5G service portfolio.

Innovative products and services at the forefront

As a leader in 5G, OPPO has developed a series of ground-breaking technologies and is continuously pioneering 5G smartphone development, expanding on its interconnectivity capacity to help build an ecosystem that creates a new and exciting user experience for all customers.

OPPO has deployed its 5G standard patents in over 30 countries and regions around the world. By the end of September 2021, OPPO has filed over 4,200 families of global patent applications, declared over 1,600 families of 5G standard patents to the ETSI, and submitted more than 5,000 5G standard-related proposals to 3GPP. According to the report issued by a leading Germany research institute—IPlytics, OPPO is among the top ten companies regarding the number of declared 5G patent families in 2021.

Moving towards a mission of “Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World”, OPPO believes that users should experience all the benefits of a product while they manage the rest of the complexities. With the evolution of 5G, OPPO has been investing in developing an IoT ecosystem that delivers a convergent user experience.

OPPO’s aim is to create a people-oriented, multi-device, cross-scenario smart lifestyle service in four major areas, namely personal, home, offices, and travel, focusing strongly on interactive and experiential products.

To date, the OPPO IoT ecosystem has attracted over 30 like-minded partners, and its IoT series include smart TVs, wearables, audio devices and other accessories that bring the latest technology to users worldwide.  

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