OPPO INNO DAY 2021 was the pinnacle event for technological developments in the smartphone and smart product realms, with OPPO revealing its array of smart devices that would be available in select regions. One of the most important takeaways from OPPO’s third OPPO INNO DAY is how augmented and extended reality is the future, and that OPPO is pushing AR frontiers, as well as the fact that foldable phones are making a large comeback.

OPPO Mari Silicon X
A built-on 6nm processing technology

Here we have a look at the OPPO Mari Silicon X announced on 14 December 2021. It is reviewed that the Mari Silicon X is OPPO first self-designed cutting-image NPU with built-on 6nm processor, and it is a combination of NPU, ISP and multi-tier memory architecture that aims to deliver crystal clear 4K AI Night Video (Crispy)

Customise your avatar to your likings!

Unable to attend the event physically? Fred not! As OPPO had launched its first-ever virtual stage that allowed visitors to customise their own avatar and roam the OPPO virtual exhibition hall freely! Visitors were given the chance to interact with each other as well as to join in a virtual easter egg hunt that is known to be scattered around the entire virtual hall. The virtual world has been accessible since 14 December 2021.

OPPO Air Glass
The future of Augmented Reality is here

Ah yes, what is augmented reality without a proper peripheral? The OPPO Air Glass is an all-new AR device introduced to the world that aims to change the augmented world with its powerful arsenal up its shoulders. It is equipped with OPPO self-developed Spark Micro Projector, cutting-edge Micro LED, and a bespoke diffraction optical waveguide display. It can also support up to 4 user interactions through touch, voice, head movement, and hand motion, allowing users to gain access to information whenever they need it. (Talk about family package!)

OPPO’s First Foldable Phone
Look at that slick design!

Of course, with a powerful NPU, comes a powerful smartphone. The all-new OPPO Find N is the latest smartphone series introduced to the smartphone line. It is also OPPO’s first-ever foldable phone to grace the smartphone market. Complimented with the newly introduced OPPO Mari Silicon X, this phone packs a powerful punch when it comes to technicality. The design is simple, natural, comfortable, and most importantly, durable. OPPO went through 6 generations of prototypes in order to perfect this masterpiece. Guaranteeing an innovative experience for the users.

All the abovementioned products will be launched in the Mainland China market in Quarter 1 of 2022. There is no news when it will reach to us but we will let you know if it is coming to Malaysia. Stay tune!

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