As the year is coming to an end, more people are starting to plan for their year-end trips. Other than passports and smartphones, one more thing that has become an essential part of our trip are earphones. However, it can get frustrating carrying around a wired pair, especially when it comes to the struggles of untangling it. Therefore, whether you are on a plane, in a bus or on a train ride, the lightweight true wireless earbuds – Samsung Galaxy Buds2 is the perfect travel companion.

For those going on a flight, there is no doubt that the plane is oftentimes filled with displeasing noises that we wish we could drown out. Well, the Galaxy Buds2 offers just that with its Advanced Noise Control features. By turning on Active Noise Cancellation mode, you can block out any unwanted sounds from your surroundings and fully immerse yourself in whatever you are listening to. Or, if you don’t want to entirely block out sounds from the outside world, you can also turn on Ambient Sound mode. With three levels of Ambient Sound volume control, you can decide how much background noise you want to hear while still being tuned in to your song or podcast.

If you’re worried about keeping yourself entertained on a long trip, then worry no more as the Galaxy Buds2 are the lightest and the smallest earbuds in the entire Galaxy Buds Series, making it the ideal companion to bring on trips. With its compact and light design to bring you all-day comfort, the snug fit allows you to wear the buds for long periods of time with ultimate ease. The Galaxy Buds2 is built with the iconic sleek and curved shape to make it more comfortable while also helping to shield against ambient noise.

So, get your very own Galaxy Buds2 now before going off on your trip!
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