2K⁺ resolution combined with 360-degree panoramic view for full security coverage

EZVIZ, the global leader in smart home security solutions, has introduced its all-new outdoor camera C8W. As the newest addition to EZVIZ’s C8 Series of cameras, the C8W is equipped with an ultra-clear 2K⁺ resolution, which is a significant upgrade from 1080 pixels cameras, so users are privy to visual clarity in a resolution that is not only two times sharper, but also captures a maximum of 30 frames per second compared to 20 frames per second in 1080 pixels.

This is complemented with a signature feature of EZVIZ’s outdoor cameras – the pan and tilt function which offers a 360-degree field-of-view. With this, users get the best of both worlds including security that not only covers every corner, significantly reducing blind spots, but also monitor through clear vivid details up to a distance of 30 meters.

This smart security camera powered by advanced technologies is also equipped with an AI-powered human shape detection accompanied by notification alarms through the EZVIZ App. With the built-in AI algorithm, the device can better distinguish between human shapes and pets or objects thereafter reducing any false alarms.

Users can also choose to customise detection sensitivity and time schedules through the EZVIZ App in order to further refine unnecessary alerts.

Further to this, the C8W comes with an active defence feature strengthening outdoor security. When activated and upon detection of intruders, the camera will set off a loud siren and flash spotlights onto the location of intruders for on-site deterrence, adding an extra layer of protection.

Equipped with two built-in spotlights and professional optical lenses, this smart security camera offers three-night vision modes including colour night vision and smart night vision. Consumers will get to choose and switch between a true to life full-colour night vision or the standard black-and-white night vision.

Alternatively in the smart night vision mode, the device will automatically turn on the spotlights and switch from black-and-white monitoring to colour monitoring once human movement is detected. Likewise, video recordings will switch to full-colour mode, so users need not worry about overlooking any details when playing back recordings.

What’s more, EZVIZ’s recent range of smart security cameras comes with its signature its two-way communication feature, which without a doubt is available in the C8W as well. Through this feature, users will get to maintain communication with those at home even when apart. Users can listen and speak in real-time from the EZVIZ App while on the other end will be transmitted through the camera’s built-in intercom. The function is particularly useful to welcome visitors or turn away uninvited guests.

The two-way talk function along with all other features of the camera is accessible around-the-clock over all 365 days of the year thanks to the fully weatherproof design, enabling longstanding performance even during the worst of weathers.

John Lu, Country Manager of EZVIZ Malaysia commented, “It is undeniable that consumer demand for home security solutions have been on an upward trend. Fortunately, the widespread advancement and adoption of digital solutions have enabled us to address this development.”

“As part of our proactive approach, EZVIZ has been carefully but consistently working to tap into the needs of different home protection needs. Our cameras from the C8 series line up have been well-received due to high-functionality and design durability and with the C8W, we look to deliver an enhanced element of security that not only delivers excellent round the clock protection, but also a modern and user-friendly experience,” concluded John.

C8W leverages on the advanced H.265 video compression technology so footage remains high quality with only half the bandwidth and half the storage space of the previous video compression standard (H.264). Through the camera’s built-in MicroSD slot that can store up to 256GB of footage, users can easily playback recorded footage. Alternatively, consumers are welcomed to subscribe to EZVIZ CloudPlay for fully encrypted, unlimited cloud storage.

The C8W security camera can be purchased from RM449 at physical distributor stores across shopping malls nationwide.

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