AMD announced today that IBM Cloud has chosen 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™ processors to expand its bare metal service offerings designed to power customers’ demanding workloads and solutions. The new servers, featuring 128 cores, up to 4TB of memory and 10 NVMe drives per server, give users full access to high-end, dual-socket performance with AMD EPYC 7763 processors; a first for IBM Cloud in a dual-socket platform.

“Our customers have a high demand for computing processing power and the new 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processors provide the high levels of performance and scalability we were looking for,” said Suresh Gopalakrishnan, vice president, IBM Cloud. “Our collaboration with AMD has helped us deliver our highest core counts and bandwidth ever available for IBM Cloud customers, to offer top market performance for today and tomorrow’s demanding workloads.”

“IBM Cloud customers regularly running compute-intensive workloads can see an immediate benefit to speed and scalability by upgrading to 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processors, while helping to deliver a secure experience for end-users,” said Lynn Comp, corporate vice president, Cloud Business Group, AMD. “Our continued collaboration with IBM Cloud is further validation of the strong standing AMD holds in the market as we deliver topline solutions that promote a seamless experience for cloud partners and their customers.”

The combination of IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers with the AMD EPYC 7763 processor is designed for customers seeking a diverse set of workloads including, compute-intensive workloads, virtualized environments, large-scale databases, and more. In addition, the bare metal servers are ideal for hosting massive multiplayer online (MMO) gaming environments. Hosting companies can achieve the low latency, high-performance processing and memory and generous bandwidth necessary for a reliable, responsive platform.

The AMD EPYC 7763 dual-socket bare metal server offering at IBM Cloud includes:

  • 128 CPU cores per server
  • Maximum boosts up to 3.5 GHz (base 2.45 GHz)[i]
  • Support for eight memory channels per socket with up to 4 TB RAM
  • Maximum 20 TB of bandwidth
  • Advanced memory encryption enabling a secure boot process
  • Supports two 10 GbE NICs

AMD EPYC 7763 processor-powered IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers are now available from the IBM Cloud catalog.

[i] Max boost for AMD EPYC processors is the maximum frequency achievable by any single core on the processor under normal operating conditions for server systems. EPYC-18

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