Small, Cute and Silent mouse

Mouse is one important thing when need to use one, its basically a need already, since desktops, laptop, even tablet can be connected to it. There is too many types of it, but today we will talk about one that is small and comfortable that it will fit in any environment .

Lets dive into a quick review of the ASUS Mouse MD100, a small, simple, fashionable mouse that fits nicely in every bag and pocket


The MD100 comes with the following

  • The mouse itself
  • USB dongle (in the mouse attached)
  • 1 AA size Battery
  • Additional mouse faceplate/cover
  • User Manual / Warranty Statement

Features and Design

The ASUS Mouse MD100 design is a very simple looking mouse that is trendy to look at, weighted at 56 Grams only, making it easy to keep and carry around. The mouse does come with another additional faceplate with a different color in the box so you can actually change it matching your companion device such as your laptop, or otherwise to the user likings. Our review unit comes with Lilac Mist Purple and Brave Green cover plate. Touching and interacting with the mouse gave a very smooth feel to it, clicks are very silent, makes it perfect for work use or even during important meetings, as noisy clicking may distract other people.

Opening up the cover reveals the place for inserting the AA size battery and the USB dongle if you wish to use it without Bluetooth connection. Such design makes it so stealth and compacted just to a single mouse. On top of that the MD100 also features ASUS Antibacterial Guard treatment to inhibit bacterial growth, and low-noise switches with 10-million-click lifespan.

Over to the pairing method, the MD100 can be paired either with Bluetooth or USB dongle, which is compatible with Windows based OS and MacOS as well, while we did not test with Android or iOS, it should work with it as the protocol used is universal and standard. Below the mouse, there is a toggle switch between USB and Bluetooth, this gives an excellent option to switch between devices immediately.

Fast and smooth tracking

ASUS Marshmallow Mouse MD100 features gaming-grade 100% PTFE mouse feet to ensure a smooth
glide over any surface. Its DPI levels can be easily adjusted, so users can switch between 800, 1000 and
1600 dpi to suit different scenarios.

The Mouse Test

According to our test, the MD100 is able to reach 73% target efficiency using right handed operation mode with perfect click accuracy that is precise and over the course of testing, there is no pressure or stress during my testing. We would say that is suitable for most situation except for very intensive games that requires you to navigate fast.

Technical Specifications

Operating System Windows 10, 8, 7, Chrome OS, MacOS Compatibility
Dimensions107 x 60 x 27.8 mm (L x W x H)
Weight56 Grams (without Battery)
Battery1 X AA size Battery
Switch lifespan/Type10 million clicks / silent click switch
Connection typeUSB Dongle (2.4Ghz) or Bluetooth 5.x compatible
ColorsQuiet Blue mouse set: Includes Quiet Blue and Solar Blue covers
Lilac Mist Purple mouse set: Includes Lilac Mist Purple and Brave Green covers
DPI 800 / 1000 / 1600 dpi

Verdict & Conclusion

Overall I have lots of fun using the MD100 Mouse, with it’s design that is so convenient that fits in any bag or even if you are carrying your laptop with your hands, you still can rely on the side strap where you can slide it in your fingers can carry it along with you. Clicking with the mouse is silent while just uses one AA battery, making it convenient to replace the battery by just purchasing it practically almost anytime, anywhere. Hence we do recommend this mouse generally for the mobile laptop users that is also suited for those who connects the mouse with 2 devices and switching it on the fly.

Pricing and Availability

ASUS Marshmallow Mouse MD100 is now available in Malaysia and priced at RM145

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