Save the date for the HONOR 50 Official Online Launch Livestream at 8PM, 18th October 2021

The smart phone of today has become such an absolutely essential camera device that we can no longer imagine a life albeit a daily functioning one, without it. As multi-tasking handheld equipment that keeps us afloat throughout the day, we thrive on its ability to produce snapshots at will for all sorts of paraphernalia at work and play.  Ever increasing demands of virtual content creations insist that only a capable multi-performance gadget intelligent and sensitive to the needs of its users will suffice.  

The HONOR 50 Series brings you the angled-to-perfection camera that caters to your day-to-day photography needs like a companion of adventures. It is equipped with a superior front camera and an exceptional pro-grade rear quad camera setup with compelling specs comprising 108MP main camera, an 8MP wide-angle camera, a 2MP macro camera and a 2MP bokeh camera that deliver angled-to-perfection pictures anywhere anytime.  HONOR 50 adopts a dual ring design, with the top circle featuring the main camera and the bottom circle containing three additional lenses.  The flashes of both cameras operate in tandem, arranged equidistantly and symmetrically akin to a pair of watchful eyes curiously exploring the world.

The HONOR 50 record-breaking 108MP main camera is equipped with an ultra-high resolution 1/1.52” sensor revving up to 12032 x 9024. The digital zoom effortlessly magnifies 10 times digitally for photos with such a remarkable finish that can even be produced as printout for posters up to one metre high. A wide F/1.9 aperture allows for more light to permeate through and achieve better clarity even in low light spots.  It also doubles up as a video recorder with 6 times zoom recorder so that users can shoot from a distance with ease. 

The HONOR 50 8MP wide-angle camera features a 112 degrees angle of view and F/2.2 aperture according wider captures with greater ease and convenience.  Enhanced with a specialized correction technology, the wide-angle camera minimizes perspective distortion to capture as much detail as possible.

The HONOR 50 2MP bokeh camera is ideal for portraits shoots that play on shallow field depth with obscured background so that the subject matter stands out prominently. While the HONOR 50 2MP camera enables a creative edge by offering a new perspective that is invisible to the naked eye.

Besides rear camera, the HONOR 50 32MP front camera swings all the way to a 90 degrees viewing angle with an ultra-sensory front camera that detects and expands to wide angle wefie capture when there are more people and scenery. Its intelligent AI processing capabilities self-adjusts to maintain high-quality selfie photos at night or any snapshot taken in dimly lit ambience any time of the day.

Thanks to HONOR 50 superior camera setup, fans can now vlog like a pro! Make your first take into a new dimension of wondrous shots with HONOR 50 and explore the world through its multi-sensing magical lens.

A shout out to ALL you photography enthusiasts – We would love to get to know you and hear from you. Join us in the HONOR 50 official Launch Livestream at 8pm, 18 October 2021 taking off directly from the HONOR Malaysia and HITZ’s Facebook Page. For any updates, check on HONOR Store, Lazada’s HONOR Flagship Store, Shopee’s HONOR Official Store or HONOR Malaysia’s Facebook Page at

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