Samsung Pay users are in for a treat with Samsung Reward’s Select and Win Product Contest. With many earning Samsung Rewards Points when they use the contactless payment system for its convenience and safety features, they now can add winning awesome prizes to the list!

From 30 September till 31 October 2021, put your Samsung Rewards Points to work. All you have to do is redeem one (1) entry with only 100 Samsung Rewards Points. The number of entries are unlimited. So, the more you redeem, the better your chances!

Below is a list of prizes to be won: 

UnitPrize(s)Number of Winner
1Samsung Galaxy Buds+1 Winner
1Samsung Galaxy Fit1 Winner
1Samsung Galaxy Fit-e1 Winner
1Giant RM50 e-voucher1 Winner
1TNG e-Wallet Reload PIN RM50 e-voucher1 Winner

To participate, simply:

  1. Redeem one (1) entry with 100 Samsung Rewards Points. 
  2. Fill in your delivery information and answer “Yes” or “No” to below statement:

“Samsung Pay adds a level of security to your payment information.” 

  • Multiple entries are allowed, you can redeem as many entries as you can!

For applicable terms and conditions or redemption of e-Vouchers, please click here: Note that the URL is only accessible on Android.

Here is a quick link directing you to download Samsung Pay app on your device and start spending with Samsung Pay to earn Samsung Rewards Points and redeem products/ services specially curated for you:

Playstore link:

Samsung Galaxy Store link:

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