The vivo and ZEISS Collaboration Redefines Mobile Photography

The vivo X70 series, the latest endeavour from vivo, has been selling like hotcakes in multiple sales channels since its launch in the China from 9 September 2021. Its professional photography performance benefit from ZEISS Optics and videography capabilities, empowered by the Gimbal Stabilisation, received an overwhelmingly positive response from the consumers. The goal of the vivo ZEISS global imaging partnership is to enable the “perfect shot” for millions of consumers who love photography with their smartphone.

Mobile photography has always been the arena where most brands fight hard to be unique in. vivo enters the photography battlefield with the X series and has gained favourable recognition within no time. It once again brings the heightening competition in mobile photography into the limelight. One might wonder, how do brands continue to win over consumers’ favour in this regard, and what would the future hold for mobile photography?

Exploring the Collaboration

Over the years, as rivalry in the mobile photography arena intensified, so too did the camera systems in smartphones. Today, thanks to the introduction of devices like the vivo X70 series, professional photography with smartphones have become a reality. With Ultra-Sensing Gimbal Camera, lenses, and other components that progressively match the professional camera lenses standard, taking professional-grade photos is easier than ever, which is a win for consumers. In short, for a smartphone brand to succeed today, its devices must offer professional photography capabilities and its features must be up to the task.

Image Stabilisation and light sensitivity are two important elements of professional photography and the inevitable path for mobile photography to rival professional camera lenses. Take the vivo X70 and X70 Pro for example; equipped with a customised Sony IMX766V sensor and coupled with vivo’s bespoke customisation process, the single-pixel size of X70 Pro reaches up to 2μm after 4-in-1 binning, which is one of the closest to the pixel size of professional camera in the current smartphone industry. In addition, in terms of stability and light sensitivity, its cutting-edge gimbal stabilisation technology is more than enough to capture the hearts of professional photographers.

When it comes to professional photography, it is worth mentioning the partnership between vivo and ZEISS, the global leader of optical and optoelectronic technology. ZEISS T* Coating helps significantly to achieve premium image quality. It enhances the light transmittance for better image quality, and it is widely used in professional industries such as microscopy, imaging and film production. All the lenses of rear cameras in the X70 series have certified compliance to ZEISS T* Coating, which is another testament to its professional photography capabilities. In addition to that, X70 series users get to experience the exclusive ZEISS Style Portrait  developed by ZEISS that replicate the lens style bokeh of iconic ZEISS lenses  – Planar(ZEISS  Planar 2.8/80), Distagon(ZEISS Contax 2.0/28 T*), Sonnar(ZEISS Olympia Sonnar T*), and Biotar(ZEISS Contax Biotar1.5/75).

It is understood that vivo and ZEISS officially penned a partnership in December 2020 to co-develop innovations related to mobile imaging technology. Since the X50 series, the vivo X series has been redefining mobile photography with gimbal stabilisation to achieve a significant improvement compared to traditional OIS stabilisation. Moving on to the vivo X60 series, the partnership with ZEISS once again took the  mobile photography to the next level. And now, the latest endeavour, the X70 series, achieves yet another breakthrough in camera system through the integration of ultra-sensing Gimbal Camera and a full range of rear camera lenses that have certified compliance to ZEISS T* Coating.

Since the X50 series era, vivo has been working with professional directors and cinematographers to produce film and artwork using the X series. The series provides creators with huge potential to be creative. The lightweight X series enables creators to shoot from perspectives that professional film equipment can’t, due to its size. Its quality camera system can capture promising visual quality in different light conditions.

Professional Photography for Everyone

Mobile photography grants users the right to document, express and communicate. While the vivo X series has been dedicated to photography expertise, it believes that the goal of the advancement lies in the commitment to make a professional camera system accessible for everyone – and for every user to achieve their ideal outcomes.

Since 2020, vivo has constantly been working with National Geographic to hold a vivo VISION+ mobile photography contest. vivo is extremely proud to be the channel for users to record the world and share it with the community – users and photography enthusiasts from all over the world have contributed a large number of photographs, enabling the users to see the world through the lens of vivo. Embracing the Joy of Humanity, vivo aims to take part in the journey of artists who love photography, dreamers who are great in discovery and people who are passionate about documenting and sharing their daily lives and help them achieve a greater height in photography.

The partnership between vivo and ZEISS is not merely an upgrade in its professional camera system, but in fact, empowers users to be creative and to feel the charm of professional photography and its A-class visual quality. This is precisely the intention and belief of the partnership – to empower users to immerse in the art of light and shadow through its ingenuity advancement.

Instead of blindingly pursuing so-called high parameters and big gimmicks, vivo delicately focuses on developing features that are practical and easy to use. Thanks to its user-first belief, vivo is gradually gaining popularity and winning the hearts of consumers around the world. As for the next steps of the vivo ZEISS partnership, vivo has revealed that it is looking to develop products that seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology, design and functionality. This could be done through the integration of more high-tech optical technology, mobile diagnostic imaging, 3D stereoscopic imagery (including Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)) and professional DSLR imaging capabilities. The partnership between vivo and ZEISS will continue to lead the way for a paradigm shift in consumers’ preference when it comes to professional-grade smartphones, whereby one device is sufficient to answer all the asks.

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