Okay so how big of an impact is this?

In the world of smartphones, collaborations with suppliers is a big deal. Like, really big. You can’t make a smartphone without a chip or a trusted technology, or else there will be a major risk of being left out in the mobile world. In summary, the impact of global leading suppliers is an important task to sort out from the get go. HONOR has cracked this code right from the start, sealing a partnership with world-renowned technology semiconductor Qualcomm. Now this is the real thing, what’s the whole deal with this?

Qualcomm has been hitting the right tracks and ticking all the right blocks with their reputation, sealing itself as the top of the chart in leading the world’s wireless technology innovator. Now with Qualcomm, 5G technologies are made possible, enabling potential of pro-level cameras and gaming devices and connectivity solutions. HONOR has just landed itself a deal of the century, with a close global partner that elevates the standards of the mobile world.

By having access to such a top technology like Qualcomm and also other notable technologies like Mediatek, Samsung, Microsoft, intel, AMD and Micron, HONOR is looking positive to be firing on all cylinders. In a positive circle, this will allow HONOR to work with the best and learn from specialists that are considered the best in the industry. Such visions are shared mutually on product development and these suppliers are more than pleased to collaborate and bring these ideas to fruition.

With the developing partnerships with these eco-system global leading partners, the global supply chain and opportunity to be working with partners from the US, Japan and Europe is now within arm’s reach. HONOR is now adamant in proving values to these strategic partners through product capability technical skills, organizational skills, and a strategic roadmap. Working with top companies and talents in the industry is something to be proud of, and helps to position HONOR as a leading global brand.

Moving ahead, HONOR will be working closely with its channel and distribution partners to create greater benefits for everyone. By upgrading its retail and service system, including building a systematic retail structure and collaborating with the duo channels partners of online and offline thoroughly, HONOR is committed in providing a better and premium experience for fans worldwide.

With multiple collaboration, partnerships and plans ahead, the sky is the limit to the how much HONOR can break through the multiple potential that is ready to be experienced by its user. This is the premium journey that HONOR is honored to be sharing with its loyal fans. “Now with this aim in sight, it is only a matter of time when HONOR moves up the rank to be an iconic tech brand, bridging smart life scenarios and channels for the consumers to experience. Let’s sit back and enjoy the ride, because HONOR is making the headlines!

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