Did you know you can actually turn on Flex Mode on any App ?

What is Flex Mode ?

Flex Mode is where your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is sitting as a desktop mode (like a laptop) so you can focus on the top of the screen view while the bottom part will usually acts as user gestures such as keyboard or other action icons will show below for the user ease of use. So far only few apps such as Zoom, or YouTube has Flex mode turned on by default, but now you can force enable almost any app to make use of the Flex Mode.

How to Enable Flex Mode ?

  1. Open up your phone settings and tap to Advanced Features
  2. Then tap on Labs
  3. On the Labs menu, Turn On Multi Window for all apps
  4. Then tap on Flex mode panel
  5. From here you can toggle and turn on any apps that you wish to run with forced Flex mode on

We will take Instagram for example, as you can see there is additional gestures on the below part of the screen, which is the pull down android notifications, take a screenshot, brightness adjustments and sound adjustments.
Do take note that forcing Flex Mode may not work with every app, but it is no harm trying

Learn more about Flex mode via the video below


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