Affordable and a practical Band for all

Over the past few years, wearable bands are getting popular among smartphone users and enthusiasts. Such trends will just keep growing as most bands today are getting affordable with more functionalities towards normal or even enthusiasts.

Today we will look at the Honor Band 6, a band that focuses on both health and casual use.

Design and Display

The Honor Band 6 just weighs around 18 Grams, which is really light and comfortable when wearing it. Besides that the Band 6 strap is non-removable and the only way to clean it up is to wipe it and keep on using it. The unit that we are reviewing here is the full black color which is sleek and universal across any user’s choice. Over to the display side, the Honor Band 6 features a 1.47 inch AMOLED display which is pleasing, however under bright sunlight, it’s not that visible. The Honor Band is also waterproof with up to 50 metre depth.

Features and Tracking

Honor Band 6 has a few standout features as below

  • Blood Oxygen Monitoring
    Sp02 is a much recent features on a band today, where you can trigger it and monitor it for you, giving a stats of the percentage of the blood that contains oxygen
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
    This is an automated feature that is enabled once all the permission is set properly, it will constantly monitor your heart rate as long as you are wearing it, giving it a real time tracking and summarised on your Health app that can be downloaded from Google Play or iOS app store.
  • Sleep Tracking
    The Sleep Tracking requires the user to wear it during sleep, giving detail status on your sleep such as Deep Sleep , Light Sleep and your breathing quality as well, so that it can be compared and improve your sleep patterns
  • Daily steps and Calorie burn calculations
    This is a pretty standard features, but it also compiles your day to day habit on how much you have exercise and walk throughout the day
  • Stress monitoring
    It’s a series of questions that will be asked towards the users, like a survey on how the users think and feel, and provides analysis combined with your current heart rate monitoring.

Software and Connectivity

The Honor Band 6 runs on a proprietary OS from Huawei, which is very simple to set up, just download the app from Play Store or App Store and start your Band up, it will guide you all the way and you will need to register with Huawei Login. All connectivity will be done via Bluetooth connection with BLE. A single charge thru the supplied magnetic USB cable will get you around 12 days of usage, which provides almost consistent tracking for more than a week before recharging it, all Bands should be like that anyway, to provide a much consistent report for the users. Besides that the band also provides notifications with permission enabled from your paired device, such as messages, your social media notifications and call notifications as a few examples.

Verdict and thoughts

We felt that the Honor Band 6 is a very good wearable with modern features for your health tracking and exercise needs , that comes with a very affordable price tag, simple to get it running and lightweight. The Honor Band 6 much more detailed features can be viewed HERE and you can purchase it HERE at RM189 only. It comes in 3 colors, Coral Pink, Meteorite Black and Sandstone Grey.

Special thanks to Honor for loaning the product for review

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