Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

A few weeks ago, Samsung introduced the Samsung Galaxy A7 Lite around multiple regions and it is a great productivity Tablet that comes with an affordable price tag. There is a lot you can actually do with a Tablet, from gaming , work, social media and streaming.

So here are a few apps and games we can recommend you can use on your Samsung Galaxy A7 Lite.

Duet Display

Price : RM41.99 (10USD)

Duet Display is an app that turns your tablet as a second display on your PC or Mac. All you need is just install Duet on your tablet, and another app install on your PC. You can either use a USB cable to connect over, or just use your WiFi connection to link it. However it costs RM42, but you will just need to pay once and you can use it forever with technical support from the team.

VLC For Android

Price : Free

VLC is a free and open source multimedia app for all your video format needs. Whether it’s MKV, AVI, MP4 format, VLC is able to play all video formats known in the market with ease without complicated configuration. It’s also able to stream video playback remotely and on your NAS as well by just configuring your network address over. It is free for download forever with continuous support from the community on fixes and improvements.

Adobe Lightroom

Price : Freemium

If you need something to fix your photo quickly, Adobe Lightroom is known as one of the essential apps for easy photo editing. From exposure settings, cropping, white balance, Adobe Lightroom is there to save your day. RAW format is also supported. Most features user needs are free however there are also subscription charges for those who are interested in the Adobe Creative Cloud services.

Google Keep

Price : Free (Google Account Required)
Google Keep is no stranger to any users, an app which you sign in to your Google Account and keep your notes, pictures, screenshot , clips, URL, and many more. All you need to do is install it via Google Play and you can start using it. Support for sync can be done once any of your devices is online as long as you are logged in before to the devices that you use.


Price : USD 7.49
Minecraft is a game that is cross platform, with cross play functionality across PC, Mobile, Tablets, and consoles. It is a game and unleashes creativity by building your own world in blocks. Venture alone or with your friends to discover new areas, worlds, dungeons and build your own realm with it, or just simply generate one randomly and start discovering it. Whether it is day or night, rain or shine in the realm, Minecraft has all the surprises for you, and your friends.

Launchbox For Android

Price : FREEMIUM (10USD)
Launchbox is a Frontend App that organises your games/roms into a catalogue library by category, console, handheld and it’s very easy to use, just specify the directory where you place your ROM and Launchbox will handle the rest for you. However Launchbox is a frontend app, you will need an emulator such as RetroArch (which is free btw) to download the emulator cores and launch your ROM via Launchbox.
Launchbox is free for up to 100 games, but if you like it, you can purchase the License at 10USD.

That’s pretty much a good lineup of apps and games you can start on your beautiful yet affordable Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, of course there are a bunch of apps that you can install with Google Play, and the discovery starts on the journey with your tablet. 

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