Taking pictures couldn’t get any easier these days. Cameras can take up space in your bag and the weight is also pretty hefty depending on the type of camera you are carrying. Save yourself the trouble and opt for a lightweight Galaxy A22 or Galaxy A22 5G instead. Weighing at 186g for Galaxy A22 and 203g for Galaxy A22 5G, carrying these around would not be a hassle for any photography enthusiast.

Both of these devices come with a 48MP main camera with F1.8, giving you enough depth of field – also known as bokeh – in the background when taking pictures of a subject. If you’re a fan of taking pictures at night, the main camera will not disappoint you thanks to Samsung’s Tetra Binning technology that combines four pixels into one. With OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) on Galaxy A22, you can capture sharp photos and record smooth videos, and pull in more light to brighten up your shot in a low-light environment.

If you’re in a tight space and wish to create creative content, the Ultra-Wide cameras feature a 123-degree (Galaxy A22) and 115-degree (Galaxy A22 5G) angle of views – similar to human eyesight — will capture full images with added perspective into your shots. If you’re a fan of taking selfies, both of the devices’ front cameras let you take pictures with an added bokeh effect too, blurring any distractions in the background and making you stand out more – perfect for any beauty content creator that wish to show their makeup looks!

So why wait any longer? If you grab yours from today until 31st August 2021, you will also receive one soft clear cover worth RM39 for free with every Galaxy A22 and Galaxy A22 5G purchase.

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