Unboxing the Budget Tablet

This will be the first hands on and unboxing of the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, which is the Lite version of the Galaxy Tab offering in 2021.

The Unboxing Begins

The first thing that you will see its the white color themed box with the boxart of the tablet matching the color. Once open, the Tablet is right in front, with a soft sleeve that is protecting it. The Samsung Galaxy Tab comes with a modest 8.7 inch TFT LCD Display with 5:3 aspect ratio with a comfortable bezel placement, which will not distract the way you hold the tablet.

After that we will take a look at what is provided within it. You will get the phone, USB A to C cable, 10W Charger, SD card ejector and User Manual. Optionally you can purchase up to a 15W charger for faster, efficient charging. The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite also supports high speed AC Wi-Fi and Dolby Atmos for ultimate movie streaming experience. There is no earphone included in the box but you do have a 3.5mm headphone jack on the bottom of the phone beside the USB C port, so you can use any of your favorite headphones on all your music enjoyment. The Tablet does comes with dual speaker setup, one located near the USB C port and another located on its same opposite direction

The Color

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite comes in 2 colors, Gray and Silver . For this I choose the Gray Color, and the feeling of this color is classic clean and neat, overall body is durable and meant for both work and entertainment. The back texture is smooth aluminum leaving no fingerprint marks on to it.

The DesignLook and Feel

The Galaxy tab A7 Lite weights at 371 Grams, daily activities when holding up the tablet felt nice and premium and weight wise, its balanced which is not heavy. Navigation is simple from your left thumb swiping to your right activates gestures for back, home and recent actions. The screen is not laminated, so do expect fingerprint smudges on the screen . There is no fingerprint scanner but you can use the front camera to unlock the tablet. Browsing the tablet has been a joy with minimal stutter and so far its great with its 8.7 inch display that is perfect for use in the room, office, cafe or even under the shades. While on the top of the display you will a 8 Megapixel wide angle selfie camera with auto-focus, which is just perfect for all your video call conference. This is a tablet meant for budget productivity use, but gaming is possible with titles such as Mobile Legends and PUBG by reducing the graphical settings. Looking at the back of the Tablet you will see a single 2MP camera setup, which its main usage is just to take a quick shot and thats it. This tablet is meant towards audience that wanted a working tablet for simple productivity, lite gaming, educational use and for kids.


Under the hood, the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is powered by the MediaTek Helio P22T processor with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory with expandable MicroSD card up to 256GB. This budget ranged SOC ensures that you have a good experience on all your productivity and social media needs throughout daily use . On top of that you will get a good audio experience with its bottom firing speaker and the top speaker featuring Dolby Atmos support.

Overall on my few days of impression with the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, it’s been a great affordable tablet so far having most of the recent OS features and One UI 3.1 at a great friendly price. I will be continuing on experiencing this phone further on an in-depth review coming soon

If you are interested in getting the Tablet, be sure to visit Samsung Official Store at RM699

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