From now till 21 July, enjoy instant rebate of RM 100* and a freebie* worth RM199 for every pre-order of the monitors

HUAWEI has entered the monitor market to become a trendsetter to steer the industry towards a new era, leveraging its expertise in all-scenario solutions with the HUAWEI MateView and HUAWEI MateView GT. The new flagship HUAWEI MateView and HUAWEI MateView GT will be available in Malaysia at RM 2,988 and RM 2,488 respectively.

From now till 21 July, the HUAWEI MateView and MateView GT will be available for pre-order on HUAWEI Store Online, HUAWEI Experience Store, Lazada Huawei Flagship Store and Shopee Huawei official store. Consumers will receive an instant rebate* of RM 100 for the purchase and a complimentary* HUAWEI WIFI AX3 Dual Core, worth RM 199, upon every purchase of monitors.


The HUAWEI MateView sports the signature qualities of Wireless · Real Colour Monitor – ranging from the disruptive OneHop feature for instant screen-mirroring with a HUAWEI smartphone, to cinema-level colour gamut for stunning visuals.

The first ever flagship standalone monitor has also ben awarded the prestigious Red Dot award. The Red Dot Jury, comprised of around 50 leading experts in the product design field, praised HUAWEI MateView for bringing together “impressive aesthetics with a comprehensive feature set”. This recognition by Red Dot is a testament to HUAWEI’s continued reputation for creating stylish flagship products through high-quality, precision engineering and shows that HUAWEI has made a strong debut in the monitor market.

True-to-life visuals in 4K+ Real Colour Display

The HUAWEI MateView features a 28.2-inch display panel that supports 4K+ Ultra-HD real colour display. HUAWEI MateView outshines the counterparts in the same price range with its capability to present detailed and true-to-life graphics along with a large viewing area. Thanks to its premium quality and high colour accuracy, HUAWEI MateView is an all-around tool for content creation or entertainment, delivering the user a gorgeous and realistic visual feast.

The pro-grade standalone monitor is professionally calibrated in the factory to accurately produce colours, presenting the user every bit in vibrant details – even those that were previously imperceptible to the naked eye.

Real-time PC Casting with Wireless Projection

Through wireless connection, HUAWEI MateView can be connected to various devices. The HUAWEI MateView supports Desktop Mode for swift screen-mirroring between the monitor and a HUAWEI smartphone. Just simply tap against the Huawei Share, users can activate the Desktop Mode instantly and use the smartphone for other tasks without affecting the Desktop Mode.

The Desktop Mode feature is designed to enhance smartphone performance in a mobile office scenario, thereby boosting the overall productivity on all connected mobile devices. It is also a breakthrough feature designed for everyday office and creative work, created to address the users’ needs.

All-new User Interface (UI) Configuration with HUAWEI Smart Bar

HUAWEI aims to bring users a more intuitive and smoother experience, bringing the world’s first unintuitive touch on-screen display (OSD) button on a monitor, the HUAWEI Smart Bar. It strips away the cluttered physical buttons on traditional monitors to create a new touch bar experience, bringing users a more intuitive and disruptive user experience.

The proprietary HUAWEI Smart Bar is designed to offers users a simplified interaction. Hidden underneath the monitor screen, all monitor operations can be performed by tapping and touching the HUAWEI Smart Bar, enabling the users to easily adjust their monitor settings.


Taking the gaming and entertainment experience to a new level, the HUAWEI MateView GT features the brand’s first curved ultrawide display that supports a refresh rate of 165Hz and a superior colour palette. Continuing the spirit of the HUAWEI Mate Series as a high-end flagship brand, the HUAWEI MateView GT showcases the unprecedented immersive surround screen to the game changing integrated SoundBar design, both of which are among the display industry’s leading concepts and technological innovations.

First Immersive Surround 34” Curved Monitor Display

HUAWEI understands that an immersive experience is equally important as an aesthetic design, for a gaming monitor and the HUAWEI MateView GT combines these two factors perfectly. The HUAWEI MateView GT features a 34-inch monitor that has narrow bezels, an ultrawide aspect ratio of 21:9 and an ultimate curvature of 1500R that is highly in line with human eye, delivering users an ultimate immersive viewing experience.

With an aspect ratio of 21:9, the curved monitor stems from movie screen design, provides a wider viewing area and shows more content at equal height. Apart from improving the users’ productivity in multi-tasking, the wide display fits perfectly for users’ habit of moving their eyes horizontally when reading.

High Performing 3K 165Hz Display Drives The Ultimate Gaming Experience

The HUAWEI MateView GT achieves an impressive 165Hz refresh rate at 3440×1440 Wide Quad High Definition (WQHD) resolution, effectively reducing display flicker for a buttery-smooth and gaming experience for gamers.

Ultimately, the HUAWEI MateView GT has brought the high power, speed and luxury of a gaming monitors with the embezzlement of the AMD FreeSync™ Premium technology. It dynamically adapts the display refresh rate to variable frame rates, which means, it supports a variable refresh rate by leveraging an adaptive synchronization technology, reducing screen-tearing, stuttering, and latency issue for a fluid gameplay experience.

A New Vision of Sound

Raising the bar for sound quality, the innovative SoundBar on the HUAWEI MateView GT meticulously combines the speaker and bracket into one. It includes two speakers supporting 2.0 stereo sound. Whether for games or videos, users can immerse themselves in stunning surround-sound. The RGB touch panel on the SoundBar not only offers a customisable lighting effect, but also allows users to easily adjust the volume with one finger. It perfectly combines aesthetics and usability, creating an exclusively enjoyable desktop experience for users.

For expandability, the HUAWEI MateView GT also comes with a wide range of ports, including a 3.5mm audio jack for headphone and microphone, two HDMI 2.0 display ports, a DisplayPort 1.4 port, a USB Type C for charging, and a full-featured Type-C port that is unique in its class. Combined, these ports can fulfil users’ various needs for expansion.

Price and Availability

Starting from now until 21 July, the HUAWEI MateView and MateView GT is available for pre-order on HUAWEI Store Online and participating HUAWEI Partner Stores such as Lazada HUAWEI Flagship Store and Shopee HUAWEI Official Store as well as Senheng.

HUAWEI Store Summer Campaign

Leveraging distributed technology, HUAWEI’s latest devices can harness the capabilities of other devices bringing consumers a more convenient and smart life experiences – ranging from smartphones, PCs to tablets. From now until 17 July 2021, consumers can enjoy exclusive deals on HUAWEI Store Online with its HUAWEI Store Summer Campaign and create the ultimate office, entertainment and fitness experience.

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