The Galaxy Z Fold2 is Samsung’s third generation foldable device, pairing a stunning and bold design with refined engineering to push the boundaries of mobile experiences

The Galaxy Z Fold2 combines users’ favorite smartphone and tablet features to deliver an improved foldable user experience—from the refined foldable design with larger cover and main displays to its immersive content experiences, premium camera and optimized performance, the new device delivers all-new foldable experiences that are designed for those who enjoy the luxury smartphone technology.

Stand Out Confidently with Premium Design

Samsung continues to pioneer an entirely new category of mobile devices by introducing the next generation of foldables — the Galaxy Z Fold2. After releasing two foldable devices and listening to user feedback on the most requested upgrades and new features, Samsung unveils the Galaxy Z Fold2 with meaningful innovations that offer users enhanced refinements and unique foldable user experiences. The Galaxy Z Fold2 combines the portability and flexibility of a smartphone with the power and screen size of a tablet for ultimate productivity.The Galaxy Z Fold2 is packed with two edge-to-edge, nearly bezel-less Infinity-O Displays. The Cover Screen measures 6.2-inches while the Main Screen is a massive 7.6 inches, making them both larger than the previous Galaxy Fold.

The main screen of the Galaxy Z Fold2comes withSamsung’s Ultra-Thin Glass to provide a more premium and refined feel for the display. Anchored by the Hideaway Hinge, which fits seamlessly into the device body with the CAM mechanism, the free-standing capabilities allows you to position the Galaxy Z Fold2 at different angles. The free-standing capabilities of the Galaxy Z Fold2 make it a lot easier to do things like prop the phone up to take selfies or carry out video calls, hands-free. As the Galaxy Z Fold2 features a third-generation refined design, the space for the sweeper structure is even smaller now. To achieve this, Samsung developed a new innovative sweeper technology to achieve the same level of protection in a smaller space.  The Galaxy Z Fold2 Hideaway Hinge features a revolutionary slim-cutting technology, modified fiber composition, and adjusted fiber density.

Galaxy Z Fold2 can stand on its own from 75 to 115 degrees; a broader range of angles may be accessible for users depending on environment and use case

Be A Professional Multitasker With Optimized Versatility And Flexibility

Packed with enhanced refinements and meaningful innovations, the Galaxy Z Fold2 brings together the very best of foldable technology to change the shape of the future with its premium design and optimized capabilities.

You can now maneuver your hectic on-the-go schedule with advanced Multi-Active Window[1] where you can control your screen layout with ease and more flexibility. You can open multiple files from the same app at the same time and view them side by side[2]. Comes with an improved Multi-Window Tray, Galaxy Z Fold2 allows you to open multiple apps at once with the integration of App Pair and the Edge Panel to enjoy added convenience. With drag and drop[3], you can simply drag text, images and documents from one app to another for instant transfer. Or quickly screen capture in one app and transfer the captured image into another seamlessly with Split Screen Capture.

Now you can get the most out of your day by tailoring the Galaxy Z Fold2’s tablet-sized Main Screen to fit in with your working style. The Optimized App Display will give your productivity a boost with an upgrade viewing experience of your favorite apps, including Gmail, YouTube and Spotify. Use the Main Screen with Office apps in Microsoft 365 to mimic the tablet experience. For example, use Microsoft Outlook to its true potential by viewing your inbox on the left side with current conversations at the same time. Draft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations with PC-like toolbar arrangements.

Pushes Boundaries of Mobile Innovation With Strategic Partnerships

Samsung’s collaborative partnerships with Google and Microsoft have established an open ecosystem for foldable devices. With the strategic partnership with Google, Samsung has fostered foldable UX innovation to realize the goal of creating the ultimate form factor. On top of that, the strategic partnership with Microsoft, together with the Galaxy Z Fold2’s advanced hardware and large screen experience, enables users to maximize their productivity in mobile environments.

Building on its longstanding legacy of the Galaxy leadership, Samsung once again pushes the boundaries of mobile innovation and engineering. With the Galaxy Z Fold2, users can access ultra-fast speeds thanks to its full 5G band compatibility, while the 4,500mAh All-Day Battery and Super Fast Charging means you can do more without worrying about your battery life.


The Galaxy Z Fold2 will be available in Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze starting September 25, 2020, with pre-orders from September 11, 2020 at RRP RM 7,999. The pre-order is available at selected Samsung Experience stores or the Samsung E-store at Customers who purchase the Galaxy Z Fold2 during this period will be entitled to a FREE pair of the Galaxy Buds Live worth RM699 and a Montblanc Card Holder worth RM655.

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