Samsung has unveiled its latest fitness tracker, the Galaxy Fit3, designed to empower users to lead healthier lives while staying connected. The Galaxy Fit3 embodies Samsung’s commitment to democratizing advanced health monitoring technology, making it accessible to everyone.

Featuring a sleek aluminum body and a wider 1.6-inch display, the Galaxy Fit3 offers users a more comprehensive view of their health and wellness data at a glance. Its lightweight and comfortable design make it suitable for everyday wear, supported by a long-lasting battery that can endure up to 13 days on a single charge. Users can personalize their Fit3 with over 100 watch face presets and interchangeable bands, effortlessly blending style with functionality.

The Galaxy Fit3 prioritizes user health by providing advanced sleep monitoring tools, including the detection of snoring and blood oxygen levels. Through personalized Sleep Coaching, users gain valuable insights into their sleep patterns, enabling them to make positive changes for better rest and overall wellness. During the day, the Fit3 tracks over 100 types of workouts and monitors health metrics such as heart rate and stress levels, encouraging users to stay active and motivated.

New safety features, including Fall Detection and Emergency SOS, offer users peace of mind by providing timely assistance in case of emergencies. Additionally, the Fit3 seamlessly integrates with the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem, allowing users to control their smartphone’s camera and media playback directly from their wrist, as well as access features like Find My Phone for added convenience.

Priced at RM299, the Galaxy Fit3 comes in three color options: gray, silver, and pink gold. As part of a special launch promotion until April 30, 2024, customers can enjoy a 30% discount on the Fit3 when purchasing selected Galaxy smartphones from Samsung’s official channels. With its advanced health monitoring capabilities and connected features, the Galaxy Fit3 aims to support users on their wellness journey, helping them stay motivated and connected to their goals.

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