vivo Malaysia is delighted to announce the imminent arrival of the latest addition to its Y series lineup, the all-new vivo Y100 5G, boasting a stylish purple leather finish. Set to make its debut in Malaysia shortly, the device is poised to captivate consumers with its enhanced features and captivating style.

Embracing the dynamic essence of the Y series, the vivo Y100 5G is unveiled with the slogan, “That’s Y100 Fun,” underscoring vivo’s steadfast dedication to offering devices that not only align with individual personalities but also infuse joy into everyday experiences.

Drawing inspiration from the artistic symbolism of purple, the vivo Y100 5G seamlessly integrates fashion and style into its design, distinguishing itself from other smartphones on the market. With its alluring purple leather finish, the vivo Y100 5G embodies a sense of creativity and self-expression, empowering users to effortlessly make bold fashion statements.

Moreover, the vivo Y100 5G is engineered to elevate overall performance, featuring advancements in screen quality, audio output, storage capacity, battery life, and charging capabilities compared to its predecessor, the vivo Y78.

The vivo Y series heralds a new era in the smartphone landscape, where fashion, art, and technology intersect. Stay tuned for further updates on the imminent release of the vivo Y100 5G via vivo’s official Facebook page and the vivo Malaysia official website.

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