The integration of AI into mobile devices has significantly enhanced workplace productivity, enabling professionals to accomplish tasks more efficiently regardless of their location. Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series, powered by Galaxy AI, introduces several features designed to streamline communication, organization, and documentation, thus revolutionizing how individuals work on the go. Here’s a breakdown of some key features and the launch promotion details for the Galaxy S24 series in Malaysia:

  • Real-time, Two-Way Translation on Conference Calls: Galaxy S24’s Live Translate feature facilitates seamless communication by providing real-time translation during conference calls, ensuring clarity and professionalism in cross-border collaborations.
  • Translated and Tailored Tone for Professional Emails or Texts: With Chat Assist, users can craft emails or texts with the appropriate tone and style, overcoming language barriers and fostering effective communication.
  • Interpreter Feature: Galaxy S24 serves as a real-time, in-person translator through its Interpreter feature, enabling smooth communication with individuals speaking different languages. The tool splits the phone screen into two, displaying translated text and facilitating professional interactions.
  • Keep Your Documents and Plans Organized: Note Assist helps users consolidate and organize various resources into cohesive formats, saving time and effort in managing documents. It generates abridged versions and bullet-point summaries of materials for easy reference.
  • Accurately Document Everything: Transcript Assist creates full transcripts of meetings and conversations, ensuring accurate documentation of discussions. Users can convert audio recordings to text and share them with colleagues effortlessly.

The Galaxy S24 series launch promotion in Malaysia offers exclusive deals worth up to RM1,650, including e-vouchers, enhanced trade-in options, discounts on selected accessories, and savings on Samsung Care+ and accessories. The lineup includes the Galaxy S24 Ultra, S24+, and S24 models, available in various storage capacities and color options.

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