Samsung has introduced a line of accessories for the Galaxy S24 series created through collaboration with three European artists: Ricardo Cavolo from Spain, Steven Wilson from the U.K., and Yeye Weller from Germany. Known for their culturally inspired work, the artists contribute unique designs to the accessories lineup for the Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra.

Expressive Cases with NFC Technology: The accessories collection includes three types of cases for the Galaxy S24 series. Equipped with near field communication (NFC) technology, these cases display animations on the screen when attached to the phones. The collaboration celebrates European art, providing customers with an opportunity to incorporate artistic expressions into their daily lives.

Global Availability: The accessories collection was made available for purchase on starting January 17, initially in 16 countries. The availability is expected to extend to more than 20 markets by January 26, including Korea, U.S., China, U.K., Germany, France, Australia, and Brazil.

Artists and Designs:

  • Ricardo Cavolo (Spain): Inspired by folk art, medieval aesthetics, and tribal forms, Cavolo’s “Flaming Heart” artwork features a powerful image of a heart on fire against a sky-blue background with white stars.
  • Steven Wilson (U.K.): Known for his passion for screen printing and color layering, Wilson’s collaboration includes artwork featuring a bulldog, characterized by striking colors and pronounced lines.
  • Yeye Weller (Germany): Weller, an artist known for bold colors and delightful characters, contributes his “Spread Love” artwork, inspiring the design of Galaxy S24 cases, Flipsuit card, and Galaxy Watch6 face.

Evelyn Kim, EVP of the Global Brand Center at Samsung Electronics, expressed excitement about collaborating with leading European artists and providing consumers with accessories that enable them to express their unique voices. She sees this collaboration as an expansion of Samsung’s rich and differentiated set of accessories offerings.

Building on Samsung’s history of collaborating with contemporary artists, this new line of accessories aims to offer users cutting-edge technology while allowing them to express their individual style with distinctive art.

To pre-order the Galaxy S24 series and enjoy exclusive deals, visit the official Samsung website.

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