In a significant stride toward redefining communication, Samsung Electronics introduced the Live Translate feature with its latest Galaxy S24 Ultra during the Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event. This groundbreaking feature serves as a personal interpreter, allowing users to effortlessly communicate in different languages over the phone, irrespective of the device used by the other party.

Samsung Newsroom conducted a real-world test of the Live Translate feature by making a reservation call to a local Italian American restaurant in San Jose, California. The experience vividly showcased how this innovative functionality dismantles language barriers, bringing about a transformative shift in user communication.

Live Translate: Connect With People, Places and Cultures Any Time, in Any Language

To make the reservation, a Korean editor from Samsung Newsroom first pressed the Live Translate button on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, then dialled the number. Once she connected with a restaurant employee, an automated message announced, “Hello. This call is being translated and live captioned.”

“Hello, how may I help you?” replied a restaurant hostess on the other line. The Newsroom editor responded in Korean, “Hello! I’d like to make a reservation for this Thursday at 1:30 PM.” After pausing to listen to the translation, the restaurant asked for the total number of people. The editor continued in Korean, “Six. Can I make a reservation for a window seat?” The Live Translate feature then seamlessly conveyed this message to the restaurant employee in English.

Live Translate on the Galaxy S24 Ultra supports a diverse array of languages, offering both audio and onscreen text translations during conversations. The feature exhibits an intuitive memory function, automatically recognizing the language used for each contact, ensuring a user-friendly experience for subsequent calls. Notably, Live Translate functions seamlessly across all phone types, including traditional landlines.

Drianna Cardarelli, the general manager of the Italian American restaurant, expressed her positive views on Live Translate, highlighting its potential benefits for the hospitality industry, particularly in catering to non-English-speaking guests. She envisions the feature as a valuable tool for simplifying phone communications, eliminating language barriers, and ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience.

Live Translate is an integral part of the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s on-device AI, prioritizing privacy and secure processing of calls. Samsung’s commitment to expanding possibilities for Galaxy users is evident in this feature, marking a significant step toward a new era of mobile AI. Users can anticipate ongoing updates as Samsung continues to innovate, empowering users to connect and create in novel ways.

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