Now one anxiety that we always have is how long can I use my phone for after a full charge ? A single day or slightly a little bit more is quite typical for most phone. But what if you can stretch things a little longer ? Lets take on the following few tips you can do to push the Galaxy S24 series even further.

Turn off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not needed

I guess this is basic but worth mentioning. Just turn it off when not needed. Just simply pull down the status bar and turn it off, its that simple.

Under Intelligent Wi-Fi, you can also turn on Wi-Fi Power saving mode so that your phone will intelligently analyze the Wi-Fi traffic patterns while reducing battery usage.

AOD – Always On Display Customisation

This is simple enough also, turning off AOD effectively giving you extra minutes on the usage time. To turn it off, just go to Settings > Lock Screen & AOD. Alternatively you can also choose to display wallpaper or not, this allows for some customization at the same time, including showing music information should you want to.

Display Settings

Display perhaps is one section where it can take part of your battery usage amount, however this can be set according to user preferences.

Since the Galaxy S24 series is using an AMOLED display, turning your display to Dark Mode effectively save some of your usage time, since AMOLED will turn off area where it’s dark/black. You can set your screen timeout also to 30 seconds which we think it’s the best.

The Eye comfort shield is an important feature on limiting blue light by displaying warmer colors, this is especially great for users that view and use their phones at night. Setting it to adaptive allows the phone to adjust according to the time of day.

Motion Smoothness allows the user to adjust to your screen refresh rate, adaptive will allow the phone to go as low as 10Hz when there is close to no activities, while it can adaptively go up to 120Hz when needed. If you are using apps or games that is high refresh rate capable up to 120Hz, setting it adaptive will be the best choice, while limiting it to standard extends battery life.

Battery and Charging Settings

Under Settings > Battery there is a few settings you should know and can be tweaked to keep your phone run even longer.

The Battery Protection menu allows the you to set whether to keep you charging capped to 80%, adaptive, which adjust based on your pattern of usage or Basic, which when your battery is charge to 100%, it will stop and when it drops to 95%, it will charge again. You can select the modes accordingly as any of the 3 modes mention will actually keep your battery charging optimal cause, well batteries will degrade slowly if you are keeping the phone charged to 100%.

Charging settings – If you are always with your charger daily, and chances are if you have the habit of charging the phone during night time, disabling fast charging would be a great idea too. Charging at a slower rate actually keeps the cell retention longer, thus holds the charge slightly longer and you can stretch your usage further whenever you are out and about the next day.

Set to Light Performance Profile

Under Device Care > Performance Profile, selecting the profile to Light actually helps in prolonging the usage, as the phone will adaptively manage your usage based on the apps that you use, like for example, social media apps or browser usage that is not too heavy on contents and loading will be on lighter processing usage, hence prolonging battery usage. This is a one click profile so the phone will manage all for you. Games are not part of the profile, so even if you select to Light Performance, the games will still run on default performance and you still be able to enjoy the best gaming experience on your Galaxy S24 series.

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