Ulike, a leading K-beauty brand, has introduced a groundbreaking home aesthetic treatment with its ReGlow LED Face Mask. Engineered for a daily 10-minute use, this innovative device targets the pursuit of perfect skin. Developed by the Ulike R&D team, led by Dr. Michael R. Hamblin, a pioneer in modern LED light therapy, the face mask aims to transform at-home aesthetics, offering users clinical efficacy without frequent visits to beauty parlors. This launch marks a significant achievement for Ulike in Malaysia, following the revelation of its inaugural physical outlet in Kuala Lumpur, slated to open in Q1 2024.

Mr. KM Leong, General Manager of Southeast Asia for the Ulike South Korea Group, emphasized the ReGlow LED Face Mask’s role in elevating the timeless face mask ritual. The device utilizes Exclusive Mirror Enhanced Light Intensification Technology™, reflecting light energy to enhance absorption, a breakthrough addressing historical challenges of insufficient skin absorption.

At-Home Gym for Glowing Skin

Addressing various skin concerns such as anti-aging, acne reduction, brightening, and healing, the ReGlow LED Face Mask serves as a comprehensive solution. Acting as a facial gym, each 10-minute session enhances firmness, reduces fine lines, prevents breakouts, and restores youthful radiance, all within the confines of one’s home. This non-invasive facial treatment ensures results without needles or recurring external treatment costs.

The device offers four application modes, Anti-acne, brightening, firming, and rejuvenation. Each combining specific light wavelengths for tailored skincare. For example, the anti-acne mode intelligently blends 415nm blue light with 630nm red light, delivering a holistic skincare approach.

Visible Results in 14 Days

Users can anticipate remarkable results in just 14 days, with tests revealing a 12.9% increase in skin radiance, a remarkable 39.44% reduction in under-eye wrinkles, a 7.89% decrease in redness, and a substantial 17.58% reduction in acne. These findings underscore the product’s efficacy and commitment to delivering swift, visible improvements.

Aesthetic Clinic-like Intensity

With an intensity of up to 100 mW/cm2, Ulike ReGlow takes home skincare to new heights, offering clinically preferred peak intensity. The device incorporates Exclusive Mirror Enhanced Light Intensification Technology™, featuring 272 LEDs strategically placed for a 62.8% faster and even application compared to its predecessors.

Early Bird Sales Promotion

For early buyers, Ulike offers an exclusive early bird offer of RM 2,199 (RRP: RM 2,399) on its SHOPEE page until February 4, accompanied by a free gift set worth RM 1,199. This set includes two units of the Ulike Beauty Moisturizing Facial Mask and a unit of the Water Skin Freeze-drying Ampoule Essence with each purchase. Consumers enjoy a one-year warranty and a 24-month zero-interest installment plan.

Ulike encourages early bird buyers to participate in a giveaway promotion, just by following Ulike on Instagram. Providing an opportunity to win attractive prizes like the Ulike Hair Removal Device Air+, Ulike Skim Import Device, or the Ulike Beauty Mask and Facial Essence.

For those aspiring to achieve perfect skin from the comfort of home, the Ulike ReGlow LED Face Mask stands as a revolutionary solution, marrying cutting-edge technology with convenience.

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