Samsung Electronics is set to introduce a new lineup of vacuum cleaners featuring advanced artificial intelligence (AI) at CES® 2024. The Bespoke Jet Bot Combo™, a combination of vacuum and mop robot cleaner, incorporates enhanced AI features and steam cleaning to provide users with a more convenient cleaning experience.

The Bespoke Jet Bot Combo™ boasts AI Object Recognition, building upon the technology introduced in the Bespoke Jet Bot™ AI+. This advancement allows the robot cleaner to recognize a broader range of objects, facilitating more precise movement through 3D sensor application. The AI Object Recognition can identify spaces and stains, automatically suggesting “no-go zones” like bathrooms or entrances. When detecting stains, the robot returns to the clean station, heats mop pads with high-temperature steam and water, and then resumes cleaning with powerful spinning mops.

The model also features AI Floor Detect, which senses the floor type and adjusts its cleaning accordingly. It distinguishes between hard floors and carpets, automatically increasing suction power for deep cleaning in carpets while preventing them from getting wet. The Bespoke Jet Bot Combo™ can lift up or detach mop pads at the clean station when detecting a carpet, offering an anti-cross contamination solution.

For the last minute of the cleaning process, the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo™ ensures a thorough experience. The clean station provides a 3-step Total Cleaning System for mop pads, including auto wash, steam cleaning, and auto-dry with hot air, promoting hygienic maintenance.

The Bespoke Jet Bot Combo™ is currently in development, and the described features are subject to change. CES® 2024 attendees can experience the robot cleaner at the Samsung booth.

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