This new relationship, which will go live on November 29th, will change the sound experience for music aficionados, allowing them to immerse themselves in their own Wrapped playlists utilizing the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

The merging of two excellent products – the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro and the Galaxy Z Flip5 smartphone – is at the core of this partnership. Wrapped listening will be transformed into an outstanding audio experience thanks to the Galaxy Buds2 Pro’s cutting-edge audio technologies and superior active noise canceling (ANC). When you combine these earphones with the elegant and tiny Galaxy Z Flip5, you have the ideal pair for an immersive music experience.

So, the next time you open the Spotify app, look for the banner urging you to listen to the ‘Top Songs of 2023’. This Christmas season, you’re in for an incredible musical trip with Spotify Wrapped and Samsung Galaxy. Light up your holidays with Galaxy and hear music like you’ve never experienced before!

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