vivo Malaysia proudly offers ‘First Love,’ the latest edition to its respected V29 5G line, continuing its tradition of innovation and design. This enticing shade captures the essence of first love, making it an ideal giving option as the year comes to a close.

‘First Love Pink’ is more than simply a color; it’s an emotion. It reflects the soft blush felt after meeting someone significant—a mix of excitement, introspective contemplation, and genuine delight. It recalls memories of first love, the thrill of being seen by someone significant, and the anticipation of those early, beautiful moments.

In celebration of this historic occasion, vivo Malaysia has launched the “Join The Love Campaign,” which encourages Malaysians to immerse themselves in the emotional resonance and nostalgic appeal of the vivo V29 5G First Love. Malaysians are encouraged to strike a fascinating “Heart Pose,” photographing and sharing their images for a chance to win an exclusive reward.

Here are the simple steps to take part in the ‘Join The Love Campaign’ :

Step 1: Strike a “Heart Pose” in front of the camera by placing both hands on it

Step 2: Upload your photo here and save it in your gallery

Step 3: Post it in the comment section below with two hashtags #vivoV295GFirstLove #AuraPortraitNowSmart — to complete the entries

In addition, the vivo V29 5G Starry Purple sold quite well in Malaysia, demonstrating the brand’s great performance. Vivo forecasts a good fourth quarter led by the Christmas and New Year shopping seasons by leveraging the characteristics of the vivo V29 5G.

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