Roborock is pleased to announce the release of its Q5 Pro Series and Dyad Air robot vacuums, which provide effective cleaning at a reasonable price. Pre-orders for the Q5 Pro will begin on October 25, 2023, at a special price of RM1,499 (RRP RM1,799), and for the Q5 Pro+ at a special price of RM1,799 (RRP RM2,099), only on Lazada. Meanwhile, pre-orders for the Dyad Air are available on Shopee and Lazada for RM1,699 (RRP RM1,999).

Double Vacuuming Power

The Q5 Pro Series is outfitted with the brand’s most powerful DuoRoller Brush technology, which ensures less hair tangles and 20% more hair removal from carpets. Users may enjoy high-performance removal of debris, hair, dust, and pet hair on all floor types when combined with a suction power of 5,500Pa.

Easy To Use Intelligence

The Q5 Pro Series incorporates LiDAR-based navigation that instantly produces a precise map of its surroundings, making the robot easy to handle using the Roborock App. App features such as smart suggestions for No-Go zones, rapid cleaning, and clean following floor directions boost cleaning efficiency and save time for the user.

Proven Mopping and Self-Emptying Capabilities

With tried-and-true mopping technology that can vacuum and mop at the same time, the improved Q5 Pro+ is partnered with the popular RockDock® Plus auto-emptying dock with E-12 Rated dust bags, holding up to 7 weeks of dust without manual emptying.

Single Roller System with 17,000 Pa Suction Power

The Roborock Dyad Air is a vacuum cleaner that can vacuum and mop at the same time. With a suction power of 17,000 Pa and a single roller system that can clean up to 3mm from the edge, it provides a thorough cleaning solution.

Intelligent Cleaning with Advanced Features

The Roborock Dyad Air is equipped with DirTect sensors, demonstrating the advancement of smart cleaning technology. Based on the floor conditions, these sensors intelligently adjust the cleaning power and water supply, delivering maximum cleaning performance while conserving energy.

Long-lasting Cleaning Experience

The Dyad Air weighs around 4 kg and has 900 ml of cleaning tank capacity and 770 ml of dirt tank capacity. The vacuum cleaner has a battery life of around 50 minutes per charge, allowing for a long cleaning session without frequent breaks for recharging.

The Q5 Pro Series will be available for pre-order at a special price of RM1,499 (RRP RM1,799) for Q5 Pro and RM1,799 (RRP RM2,099) for Q5 Pro+ via the brand’s official store exclusively on Lazada. The Dyad Air will be available for pre-order at a special price of RM1,699 (RRP RM1,999) on Shopee and Lazada

Purchases of the S8 Pro Ultra on Lazada will include a cleaning solution worth up to RM259, while purchases on Shopee will include a bread maker worth up to RM599.90 for an extra RM5.99. Aside from that, Lazada sales of the Q Revo and Q8 Max will get a cleaning solution worth up to RM259, while Shopee purchases will include a blue iCook multicooker worth up to RM599.99 for an extra RM9.99. Furthermore, customers who buy the Dyad Pro Combo through Lazada will receive a cleaning solution worth up to RM259, while those who buy through Shopee will receive a green iCook multicooker worth up to RM599.99.

The Roborock 25 October Sale will begin at 12am at Roborock’s official store on Shopee and Lazada .

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