Let’s say you already owned the latest flip phone in town, the Z Flip5, a phone that has all the bells and whistles with a pretty sizable front screen, known as the Flex Window that sports 3.2 inch of AMOLED goodness, basically enables the user to do a lot of gestures and interaction even without flipping open the main screen. With Good Lock you can even to do and today we will look at it

What is Good Lock ?

Good Lock is a series of modular app suite that unlocks the potential of your Samsung phones or tablet, enabling further customization on most Galaxy Series of lineups. Its original intention was always been tweaks for the user interface, lock screen, notifications, and many more as the team from Samsung explores more of it beyond it’s original settings or specifications.

Setting up Good Lock

Its very simple, just click HERE from your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 browser of your choice and all you need to do is install Good Lock via Galaxy Store.

Installing MultiStar For Good Lock

After installing Good Lock, head back to Galaxy Store and install MultiStar, this will unlock certain functionality on your Good Lock menu.

Good Lock : Using Game Widget

The Game Widget is a series of ‘mini games’ where you can play on your flex window. This enables you to add some of the Samsung’s pre-defined mini, light games to the Flex Window

Upon selection, you can return back to the Flex Window and select the games to play, it is a pretty simple games but it is good enough to kill your time and keep users entertained with small bit size games.

Good Lock – Enabling Launcher Widget

Launcher Widget is similar to Game Widget, but this opens the door for almost all apps not verified to be compatible with Flex Window app to be used, and it is known that some apps indeed can adapt to it, while some, especially android games can be played, however not optimised on such small screen.

Upon selection, you can return back to the Flex Window and select the apps to launch, this is especially useful if you are using music players, certain streaming services like Spotify or messaging apps which was not designed for the Flex Window, but there is a high chances that the apps will just scale nicely.

To know more about Good Lock CLICK HERE to find it out, Samsung will update Good Lock module from time to time, and when it comes to more functionality, we will post updated or new article to it.

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