Most of us want to improve our health but don’t know where to begin. It appears to be overpowering, and the Internet is flooded with TMI. We have a little secret for you. With the Galaxy Watch5 series, you’ll have the perfect personal health tracking devices on your wrist wherever you go. This wristwatch, which is linked to Samsung Health and has a range of capabilities, allows you to monitor your health holistically.

Set the right goals with Body Composition

With a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis sensor that analyses everything from body fat percentage to skeletal muscle weight, the Galaxy Watch5 lets you monitor Body Composition1. Track your progress on Samsung Health on a regular basis to stay encouraged to work hard towards your objectives! Learn how to adjust your lifestyle, workout routine, or healthcare practises so that you may take the appropriate steps towards a healthier, leaner self.

Keep checking your BP & ECG with just a tap

It is critical to keep track of your blood pressure and ECG readings on a frequent basis. In addition to regular medical check-ups, use the Galaxy Watch5 to monitor your readings at home or on the road. The Galaxy Watch5 has a PPG and ECG sensor to monitor your systolic and diastolic blood pressure, pulse rate, and electrical impulses produced by your heart when it beats. This data may be saved in the Samsung Health Monitor app.

Catch better zzzz with Sleep Coaching Program

Good sleeping habits are the foundation of a good night’s sleep. Did you know that the overall quality of your sleep is equally as essential as the quantity? Wear the Galaxy Watch5 to bed to track your sleep and gain useful insights into how well you’re truly sleeping. To assist you in developing a good sleeping habit, Samsung Health offers your sleep score, snoring detection, daily goals, and a tailored Sleep Coaching Programme.

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Keep the pressure down with Stress Monitoring

Not to mention the silent killer… stress! With the Galaxy Watch5’s stress monitoring feature, you can keep stress at bay. The watch does more than simply give you a reading; you can use it to practise breathing exercises or mindfulness meditation to calm your mind, body, and spirit. Finish your day with peaceful thought and relax your mind with soothing music and story material that will help you sleep.

Learn what you’re doing right or wrong with workout analytics

Exercise effectively using numerous measures that examine your activity and posture in order to improve future performance while preventing injuries. There are several fitness programmes Samsung Health to pick from, such as weight loss, muscular growth, and cardio.

Enjoy trade-in rebates

Get up to RM350 overtrade value when you trade-in any of your Galaxy Watch for the Galaxy Watch5 series.

When you purchaseAdditional trade-in rebates
Galaxy Watch5 Pro BT 45mmRM350
Galaxy Watch5 BT 44mmRM200
Galaxy Watch5 BT 40mmRM200

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