With its tagline “Inspiration ahead,” OPPO continues to inspire tech users worldwide and set the standard for clear, high-quality, true-to-life images by improving its mobile photography experience and pushing the boundaries of telephoto portrait photography.

For the first time, traditional consumers were introduced to the Find X6 Pro’s Periscope Telephoto Camera, allowing the brand to create the mainstream benchmark of future imaging with professional-grade telephoto on smartphones.

OPPO spent more than 400 million yuan on algorithm reconstruction and R&D for the OPPO Find X6 series, with 400 imaging algorithm talents working together to bring its flagship series to life.

For daily consumers, this meant an improvement in photography, with OPPO enabling people to simply capture the wonder of each moment with the push of a button. Portrait photographs are now more vibrant, with natural and realistic light and shadows.

Collaboration with specialists to address a user pain issue

According to an internal poll, more than 30% of OPPO users in the APAC area want to improve their smartphone photography experience and be able to snap ultra-clear photographs at any time of day or night.
OPPO solicited the experience of recognized photographers, lighting engineers, and post-production professionals to combine their ideas and skills into the Reno series in order to identify this pain point.

As a result, OPPO has engineered a method to integrate profound aesthetic accumulation from traditional photography with intelligent computational photography to introduce an imaging system capable of reproducing the ultra-realistic interconnection between light and shadow, space, and true-to-life colors.In the world of photography, light is the foundation that defines every element of a picture. Professional photographers emphasize the significance of capturing the perfect light, acknowledging its transforming influence on the final composition.

OPPO continues to enhance its camera products to produce the most professional experience on a smartphone, giving customers with genuine photography capabilities, through an ongoing research of what creates a good image and continual testing of its technology against professional camera standards.

Powerful imaging technology to enhance consumers’ photographic experiences

OPPO’s commitment to strong photography technology continues with the forthcoming Reno10 series, which promises users technological brilliance with each image. OPPO ushers customers into a new era of telephoto portrait photography with greater accuracy and precision than ever before, thanks to technical improvements in lens technology and very advanced image processing algorithms.
With a team of over 1,000 dedicated imaging specialists and an annual investment of more than 1 billion yuan (approximately US$156 million) in R&D of telephoto solutions, OPPO is poised to put the future of technology in the hands of its users, assisting them in becoming master photographers.

OPPO’s newest Reno10 series continues to close the gap between smartphone cameras and high-end DSLRs with end-to-end upgrades that prioritize professional masterpieces.

To find out more about the OPPO Reno10 series and to register your interest, click here. In addition, to find out more about the upcoming Reno10 series, visit https://www.oppo.com/my/events/reno10-series-launch/

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