BigPay announced today that Malaysian consumers may now conduct cashless and cardless cross-border payments in Singapore and Thailand using its new DuitNow crossborder QR payment functionality. BigPay, as one of the first to implement this new functionality, intends to give customers with a seamless trip payment experience by providing easy, quick QR payments with competitive foreign currency rates.

Malaysian travelers may use the BigPay app to scan QR codes from participating shops and banks and pay like residents in Singapore and Thailand with the newly introduced DuitNow cross-border QR payment function. Users may pay in the appropriate local currency and instantly observe the currency conversion in Malaysia Ringgit by utilizing this function on the app. consumers in Singapore can use the DuitNow cross-border QR payment using any ‘SGQR QR code’ by NETS, whilst consumers in Thailand can use the ‘Thai QR Payment’ QR code by PromptPay.

Users of BigPay may enjoy the ease of an all-in travel payment by simply filling up their BigPay account and selecting DuitNow cross-border payment or the Visa card while traveling overseas. The inclusion of the DuitNow cross-border QR function, in addition to BigPay’s Visa card payment and ATM cash withdrawals, allows Malaysians to experience the ease of cashless and cardless cross-border payments when traveling. BigPay DuitNow cross-border QR payment will be accessible in Indonesia in the next weeks, in addition to Singapore and Thailand.

BigPay just announced its special full-year 5% off AirAsia flights campaign, the first of several initiatives stemming from its expanded cooperation with AirAsia. Users can start saving for their vacation through Stashes, purchase discounted airasia flights, enjoy one of the most competitive foreign exchange rates through BigPay Visa card, and DuitNow cross-border QR payment in Singapore and Thailand through this newly launched feature through BigPay’s suite of offerings.

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